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Best Young Carl Fredricksen Costume Guide

Carl Fredricksen is a beloved character from the 2009 Disney Pixar movie, Up. The film begins by telling the love story of Carl and Ellie, who met as kids and soon fell in love. After Carl loses Ellie in his later years, he decides to shut himself away in their big house. It’s not until he is forced to think outside the box that he begins an unforgettable journey to Paradise Falls with a young boy named Russell.

Carl was always interested in flying and exploring the big world. Though he didn’t have many friends, Carl wasn’t discouraged from making up games on his own. At the age of nine, Carl was a huge fan of a famous pilot named Charles F. Muntz. He often dressed up as him for make-believe. You too can dress up to become the adventure-loving Young Carl Fredricksen. To get in costume, you will need a Yellow Collared Shirt, Brown Sweater Vest, Tweed Pants, Aviator Hat with Goggles, Eye Glasses, Off-White Socks, and Brown Boots.

Young Carl Fredricksen Cosplay Costumes

Young Carl Fredricksen is a shy boy who spends most of his time alone. He is quiet around other people, but by himself, he transforms into a world-famous explorer. We see him in the movie Up, as a child in the year 1939. So, his clothes should look a little dated. He dresses conservatively and neat, as most children did back then. That is until he meets Ellie, who would much instead get dirty in overalls than have to wear a dress. Since Young Carl idolizes Charles Muntz so much, he’s also going to try to look just like him. He must be ready to pilot the Spirit of Adventure at any moment!

Little Carl Fredricksen wouldn’t dream of going on his adventure alone! At least, not without his friend, Young Ellie. Those two are the best of friends and always get up to some mischief! Dress up as a couple just as they were in the Disney Pixar movie, Up.

Young Carl Fredricksen Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the charming world of “Up” with our exclusive costume guide FAQ, focusing on Young Carl Fredricksen’s delightful and nostalgic look. Here, we’ll address the most popular questions about recreating the youthful and adventurous style of this beloved character.

Young Carl's outfit is characterized by its simplicity and period charm. It includes a white short-sleeved shirt, a brown buttoned waistcoat, a dark bow tie, and brown trousers. His ensemble is completed with a classic 'grape soda' badge pinned to the waistcoat, capturing the essence of his innocent and adventurous spirit.

You can create Carl's iconic grape soda badge by using a simple round pin or button, painting it purple, and adding the words "Grape Soda" in white lettering. Alternatively, replicas of this badge are often available at costume shops or online.

For footwear, opt for simple, period-appropriate brown leather shoes. They should be unobtrusive and match the style of the early to mid-20th century, reflecting the era in which Young Carl's character is set.

To fully embody Young Carl's character, consider carrying a small, vintage-style brown leather satchel. Additionally, a toy balloon or a bunch of colorful balloons can be a fun and thematic accessory, symbolizing his dream of adventure.

While Young Carl Fredricksen doesn't have many specific quotes, his actions speak volumes about his character. You can mimic his wide-eyed, enthusiastic expressions and his determined stride. Emulate the moment where he proudly pins the grape soda badge onto Ellie's shirt, symbolizing a key aspect of his adventurous and loyal nature.

About Young Carl Fredricksen

Carl Fredricksen is the protagonist from the Disney Pixar movie, Up. The young Carl, voiced by Jeremy Leary, is a quiet child that grew up in the late 1930s. He’s utterly obsessed with Charles F. Muntz, a pilot who made a self-driving blimp. Carl often daydreams in his imagination and pretends he’s a famous pilot seeking adventure. He uses a balloon on a string to be his ship while pretending to fly around his neighborhood.

When Carl hears noises coming from a rundown house, he decides to put on a brave face and explore. He discovers that a tomboy named Ellie is playing nearby and they soon become best of friends. She’s more outgoing than Carl and can pull him out of his shell a little bit. Ellie shares her dream of reaching Paradise Falls, a place where Charles Muntz went to find an unknown creature. The two of them begin to share adventures and grow closer over time.

Young Carl Fredricksen

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