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Yellow Wig
Yellow Makeup
White Flat Back Gem
Yellow Full Body Suit
Cream Leotard Body Suit
Yellow Ballet Flat
Yellow Sheer Chiffon Fabric
Cream Hight High Tights

Best Yellow Pearl Costume Guide

Yellow Pearl first made her first appearance during season two on the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe when she was summoned by Yellow Diamond. She is a Homeworld Gem and a personal servant that belongs to Yellow Diamond. Her appearance and facial features are similar to Pearl of the Crystal Gems and Blue Diamond’s Pearl. She keeps her head held high with her nose in the air so she doesn’t look like she is disobeying or slacking off from her duties from Yellow Diamond.

Get the look of Yellow Pearl with a Yellow Spiky Wig, Yellow Full Body Suit, Cream Leotard Body Suit, a White Flat Back Gem, Yellow Makeup, Cream Thigh High Tights, and a pair of Yellow Ballet Flats.

Yellow Pearl Cosplay Costumes

If you and your friends need a group costume for your next cosplay event, the characters from Steven Universe are a great choice! Though you have so many characters to choose from, Yellow Pearl is a pretty straightforward cosplay that’s a great choice. Yellow Pearl, voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall, is a goody two-shoes, rule following servant to Yellow Diamond! We curated all the pieces for this costume to easily create.

Start off by putting on your yellow full body suit with a cream colored leotard. Next, take the white flat back gem and stick it onto your chest with an adhesive. Cover your face and hands with yellow makeup to match the color of the clothes. Pull on a pair of yellow thigh high tights to add another dimension of yellow. Then, put on the yellow spiky wig and slip on the pair of yellow ballet flats. For the last, but most important part, take some sheer chiffon fabric to create a pair of wings on your back. Cosplay as a group along with other characters like Steven Universe, Pearl, Young Pearl, and Blue Pearl.

Yellow Pearl Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the vibrant and imaginative world of “Steven Universe” with our Yellow Pearl costume guide FAQ. This guide is crafted to help you capture the elegance and distinct style of Yellow Pearl, a character known for her poise and unique design in the series. We’ll explore the key aspects of Yellow Pearl’s look, focusing on her sleek and simplistic attire that reflects her role in the Gem hierarchy, along with her graceful demeanor.

Yellow Pearl's costume is characterized by its simplicity and elegance, reflective of her status as a Pearl. The key components include a light yellow, form-fitting bodysuit or leotard, which is the base of her outfit. Over this, she wears a sheer, knee-length skirt in a slightly darker shade of yellow. Yellow Pearl's look is completed with a pair of light yellow or white ballet flats. Her hair is styled in a neat, upward bun, which is a distinctive part of her appearance.

To recreate Yellow Pearl's hairstyle, aim for a sleek, high bun that sits atop the head. This can be achieved with your natural hair or with a wig if necessary. For makeup, Yellow Pearl has a simplistic and clean look. Use light yellow eyeshadow to mimic her skin tone, and consider using a little eyeliner to create the small, pointed line that extends from the corners of her eyes, which is a characteristic feature of the Gems in "Steven Universe."

Yellow Pearl's most notable accessory is her gem, located on her chest. This can be replicated using a yellow gemstone sticker or a crafted prop attached to the bodysuit. Additionally, she wears a small, pointed, yellow headpiece that matches her outfit. The headpiece and gemstone are simple yet crucial for an authentic portrayal of Yellow Pearl.

Yellow Pearl wears simple ballet flats that match the color of her outfit. Opt for light yellow or white flats that are comfortable and complement the simplistic elegance of the costume. The shoes should be unadorned, maintaining the character's minimalistic and graceful aesthetic.

Incorporating quotes or catchphrases from Yellow Pearl can add an authentic touch to your portrayal. Some memorable lines include: "What a beautiful day!," "Welcome to Yellow Diamond's extraction chamber!," "Oh, how exciting!," "Yes, my Diamond." and "Right away, my Diamond." These quotes reflect Yellow Pearl's role as an assistant to Yellow Diamond, showcasing her dedication and enthusiasm. Using these lines can help in capturing the essence of her character, especially in interactions with others while in costume.

About Yellow Pearl

Yellow Pearl is another one of the Homeworld Gems from the animated show Steven Universe. Yellow Pearl belongs to Yellow Diamond and is known for being a strict rule-follower. When someone gets out of line, Yellow Pearl is there to put in her two cents to get everyone back in line. She follows all of the orders of her Diamond without hesitation. Most Pearls do this as well, but Yellow Pearl has this trait deeplyengraved into her personality.

The Pearls have strong relationships with one another, and in this case, Yellow Pearl is very close with Yellow Diamond. If Yellow Diamond requests Yellow Pearl to do something, she will stop whatever she is doing to immediately complete the request—even if she doesn’t want to. Yellow Pearl seems to be afraid of Yellow Diamond because she cowers and speaks nervously to her. Her timidness and desire to follow speaks volumes about her personality.

Yellow Pearl

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