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Xayah is one of the champions in the League of Legends video game. She is a member of the Vastayan tribe who has suffered great loss and tragedy, losing her father and her village in a single day. Since her entire tribe disappeared without a trace, Xayah is now on a mission to save her people. With speed, guile, and razor-sharp feather blades, Xayah will cut down anyone that gets in her way. She also fights alongside Rakan, her partner and lover, as they try to protect their dwindling tribe and restore their race to its former glory. Get the look of the Vastayan Revolutionary with this Xayah costume guide.

Cosplay Xayah’s Vastayan look by wearing a Xayah costume paired with Blue Knee-High Boots and 3-Toe Shoe Extensions. Put on a Red Long Hair Wig and complete the look with Xayah’s deadly Purple Feathers to cut down anyone in your way!

Xayah Cosplay Costumes

Though Xayah has been through hard tragedy and strife, she doesn’t let the destruction of her village stop her from saving the people of Vastaya. Throughout the years that followed their disappearance, Xayah became known as “The Violet Raven” as she left a trail of bodies in her wake. She focused solely on her next mission until she met another Vastayan who would change her life forever. Cosplay Xayah’s look from The League of Legends by wearing a Xayah costume with blue knee-high boots and 3-toe shoe extensions. Next, add a red long hair wig and complete Xayah’s deadly look with some purple feathers!

Go on a mission to save your people with your fellow sidekick and lover, Rakan. Or grab your friends and cosplay the many League of Legends champions like Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox; Zed, the Master of Shadows; and Katarina, the Sinister Blade.

Xayah Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a mystical journey with the costume guide FAQ for Xayah, the rebellious and enigmatic champion from the popular video game “League of Legends.” Get ready to channel the spirit of the Vastaya tribe as we explore the key elements to recreate Xayah’s distinctive and alluring appearance, answering your most intriguing questions about embodying this iconic character.

Xayah's costume is a stunning blend of tribal elegance and warrior spirit. Essential elements include a feathered cloak or cape, a dark, form-fitting bodysuit with feather accents, and high boots. Her attire is rich in deep purples and blues, reflecting her connection to the natural world and her Vastayan heritage.

To recreate Xayah's feathered cloak, use a combination of real or synthetic feathers in shades of blue, purple, and black. Attach these feathers to a cape or cloak base, arranging them to mimic the flowing, wing-like appearance seen in her in-game model.

Xayah's footwear consists of high, laced boots that match the color scheme of her outfit. Accessories key to her look include feathered ear cuffs, tribal-inspired bracelets, and a headpiece with feather details. These elements are crucial in capturing her mystical and fierce persona.

Xayah has long, dark hair with feather accents. Consider using a long, black wig and integrating feather hair clips or extensions to achieve her look. For makeup, focus on a dramatic, smokey eye with hints of purple or blue to complement her mystical, avian theme. A bold, dark lip color can also enhance the fierce aspect of her character.

Xayah is known for her sharp tongue and rebellious spirit. Including some of her in-game quotes can bring an extra layer of depth to your portrayal. Memorable quotes include: "I can never resist an invitation to dance.," "Rebellion puts the fire in my blood.," "Talk about a bird's eye view.," "I was born to ruffle feathers." and "The Vastaya have suffered long enough." These quotes reflect Xayah's defiant nature, her deep connection to her Vastayan roots, and her readiness to challenge the status quo. Using these lines can add authenticity and character to your Xayah costume.

About Xayah

When Xayah was a child, she was mesmerized by the stories her father would tell her about their people. As he sang ancient folk-hymns about the Vastayan heroes, Xayah wondered how she could help restore her tribe to its former glory. Throughout the generations, humans continued to encroach onto the lands of Xayah’s people, disrupting their way of life. Xayah was tired of standing idly by and watching her kind fade away, so she set out to reason with the humans. Upon Xayah’s return, her village and all its people were gone. At that moment, Xayah vowed to devote her life to restoring the Vastayan race and killing anyone that dare gets in her way. 

In the years following the disappearance of her people, Xayah lived only for herself and for her mission to discover what happened to her people. Upon meeting another Vastayan, however, Xayah’s life changed. While skeptical at first, Xayah and Rakan soon became inseparable and, together, they fought to see Vastaya thrive once again.


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