How to Dress Like X-23

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Rainbow Unicorn T-shirt
Shopkins Girls Sunglasses
X23 Claws
Denim Jacket Jean
Buffalo Green Bag
Stitch Skinny Jean
Combat Boots

Best Laura (X-23) Costume Guide

X-23, from the movie Logan, was created to be the perfect killing machine using the DNA of the mutant Wolverine. Never treated as a young girl, or even a human, she was born into a sinister place called the “Facility.” She was brought up in a controlled environment, never afforded a human connection and was forced to do the Facility’s bidding often committing horrific assassinations.

While Laura may be the next Wolverine, her typical look is like any average girl, which makes it unique in and of itself. Start with the awesome Rainbow Unicorn T-Shirt, then add a Denim Jacket Jean and Skinny Jeans. You’ll also need a pair of rough-and-tough Combat Boots for your long travels. Complete the X-23 look with the signature Shopkins Girls Sunglasses and your X-23 Claws for protection!

Laura (X-23) Cosplay Costumes

Dressing up as X-23 (Laura) is the perfect compliment to any of your friends dressing up as Logan. And while dressing in denim is her signature look, you can be creative with the shirt underneath. And for the sunglasses, you can also choose another shape which you feel complements your face better. But be careful not to wear anything too fancy, you are on the run after all!

And let’s not forget X-23’s many friends! She was, after all, trained in Xavier’s Institute. So gather up your friends and recreate any mutant team you think would be best. You can go the “Logan route” and team up with Wolverine and Professor X, or you can create a completely new team. The choice is yours! If you’re what mutant to cosplay on, we have some excellent costume guides and pictures to get your creativity rolling!

Laura (X-23) Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the gritty and intense world of the movie “Logan” with our costume guide for X-23, also known as Laura, the fierce and formidable young mutant. Known for her remarkable fighting skills, her connection to Wolverine, and her resilient spirit, X-23’s look is both practical and emblematic of her tough and troubled journey. This guide is perfect for fans seeking to embody this compelling character at cosplay events, themed parties, or any gathering celebrating the raw and poignant storytelling of “Logan.” We’ll answer your most common questions about creating an authentic X-23 costume.

X-23's outfit in "Logan" is simple and functional, reflecting her life on the run. Essential components include a black or dark-colored t-shirt, dark jeans, and a green military-style jacket. She wears practical, sturdy boots and occasionally has a backpack. X-23's look is completed with her dark hair, often tied back in a practical manner, and her adamantium claws that extend from her hands and feet.

X-23, or Laura, has long, dark hair that she frequently ties back into a ponytail or leaves loose. To achieve this look, use a dark wig styled in a simple, straight manner, or style your own hair similarly, keeping it practical for action sequences.

X-23 wears sturdy, dark-colored boots, suitable for combat and agility. The boots should be comfortable and rugged, reflecting her readiness for action and survival.

Key accessories for an X-23 costume include her retractable adamantium claws. These can be created using prop claws or DIY materials such as foam or plastic. Ensure the claws are safe and not sharp. Additionally, a small backpack can be added to replicate her life on the run.

X-23 is a character of few words but powerful actions in "Logan." Emphasizing her fierce combat stances, defensive postures, and intense expressions can capture her essence. As for quotes, one of her few lines, spoken in Spanish, is "¡No!" (No!), often exclaimed during intense moments. Mimicking her protective stance towards Logan and her readiness to fight can also enhance your portrayal.

About Laura (X-23)

Laura Kinney, also known as X-23, was not born the “usual” way. She was created using the DNA of the X-Men member Wolverine to be the perfect killing machine surpassing even Wolverine. Brought up in a sinister institution called “The Facility,” Laura was trained to become one of the most fearsome and successful assassins in history.

She has the same Adamantium claws and even greater skill than Wolverine himself. She has the same regenerative healing which heals gunshots, wounds, and injuries in a matter of seconds. But there’s one differentiating factor between X-23 and Wolverine. X-23 is susceptible to a unique trigger scent. When she catches a whiff of this special scent, her identity blacks out and turns into a murderous frenzy. Under the conditions which she has grown, she can’t talk more than a few words at a time, express emotions of love, or even grow as a person. But she’s fighting it!

Laura (X-23)

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