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WWII Captain America Costume Guide
Captain America Helmets
Captain America Goggles
Captain America T-Shirt
Biker Leather Jacket
Tactical Utility Pouch
Leather Shoulder Holster
Brown Leather Gloves
Captain America Shield
Tactical Pants
WWII US Canvas Gaiter
Men's Brown Combat Boots

Best WWII Captain America Costume Guide

WWII is where it all began for Captain America; the alter ego of Steve Rogers. The once-scrawny kid that was denied entrance into the Army decided to take matters into his own hands and choose his destiny. Though Steve Rogers had no idea what was in store for his life, he certainly made an impact during World War II as seen in the Marvel movie, Captain America: The First Avenger. Get Steve Rogers’ vintage World War II look with this WWII Captain America costume guide.

Captain American had a particular style at the beginning of his superhero days, and now you can get the same look for cosplay! Be sure to grab the classic style Captain America Helmet, Goggles, Shield, and T-Shirt. Once you have the basics down, get more of a 1940’s look with a brown Biker Leather Jacket, Tactical Pants, and Army Gaiters. Captain America’s costume also includes a Leather Shoulder Holster, a Tactical Utility Pouch, and Winter Gloves.

WWII Captain America Cosplay Costumes

Captain America’s classic WWII costume is made up of mostly soldier attire from the 1940’s. The awesome part about this costume is that many people don’t choose this vintage look, so your cosplay will likely be one of a kind! The clothing items that are typically challenging to find, we’ve made super easy for you to purchase! Try local thrift stores and costume shops to find the Captain America costume pieces, leather jacket, and winter gloves. The military items will be easiest to find at an Army Surplus store or online. Don’t hesitate to order from the websites to make it really easy.

Captain Steve Rogers with WWII attire would make for the best group cosplay by adding his best friend, James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, or fellow members of the Avengers. Get the entire crew together and send us some pictures of your costumes to be featured in the costume gallery!

About WWII Captain America

Marvel’s Captain America wasn’t always a superhero, he actually started out as quite the opposite. Before he was known as Captain America, he went by the name Steve Rogers. Steve lived during World War II but wasn’t accepted into the U.S. Army because he couldn’t pass the physical requirements to be accepted into the military. That didn’t stop him from making a difference for his country.

Steve decided to be a part of the test group known as “Operation: Rebirth.” Professor Abraham Erskine started the project in an attempt to bring U.S. Military soldiers to the highest physical condition possible. What Steve didn’t anticipate was being exposed to Vita-Rays that would keep his body at peak physical strength forever! Steve’s new body allowed him to become a soldier and to accomplish all of the goals he dreamed of when accepted into the U.S. Military.

WWII Captain America

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