How to Dress Like Wreck-It Ralph

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Two Button Baseball Jersey
100% cotton T-Shirt
Unibrow Fake Eyebrows

Fabric Red Pen Marker

Use the fabric red marker and create your own plaid pattern for the orange henley shirt. Also, use scissors to cut off the sleeves for that ripped-off look.

Get the Marker
Ashed Duck Bib Overall
Muscle Chest Shirt
Ralph Smash Hands
Jumbo Bare Feet Shoe Covers

Best Wreck-It Ralph Costume Guide

Wreck-It Ralph is tired of being the bad guy inside of the Fix-It Felix arcade game. Ralph goes on a quest to become a hero in the hit Disney movie. Dress up in a costume just like the video game star. Get ripped like Ralph with a Muscle Chest Shirt, Ralph Smash Hands, and Jumbo Bare Feet Shoe Covers. Dress for the adventure with a Green 100% Cotton T-Shirt, Orange Two Button Baseball Jersey, and a pair of Ashed Duck Bib Overalls. Get Wreck-It Ralph’s look just right with a Unibrow Fake Eyebrow and a Red Fabric Pen to add a plaid pattern to the Orange Baseball Jersey.

Wreck-It Ralph Cosplay Costumes

Have you ever felt like maybe you haven’t received the role you would like in your life? That maybe you’re made out to be the bad character? If so, you’d probably relate quite a lot with the character, Wreck-It Ralph. He’s a character who is quite tired of playing the bad guy and he makes it his mission to become the hero for one. Find someone who’s willing to dress up as Vanellope and you can have quite the duo going on! If you do decide to go as a duo or you come with quite the intricate costume, we’d love to see photos of your creations! The things you’ll need for this cosplay are a two-button baseball jersey, a green t-shirt, a fake unibrow, a red fabric pen marker to make the pattern on his shirt, brown bib overalls, a muscle chest shirt, Ralph smash hands and finally jumbo bare feet shoe covers.

Wreck-It Ralph Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of video game adventures with our Wreck-It Ralph costume guide FAQ, inspired by the character from the eponymous animated film. Ideal for fans looking to embody Ralph’s powerful yet gentle nature, this guide will help you recreate his distinctive look, complete with his oversized hands and heartfelt charm.

Wreck-It Ralph's outfit is that of a classic video game villain but with a lovable twist. The main components include a red and orange plaid, flannel shirt, and a pair of brown overalls with one strap undone. Ralph is known for his large, muscular build, so adding padding or using clothing to create a bulkier appearance can be effective. He wears a pair of large, brown work boots. His most iconic features are his large hands, which can be replicated using oversized gloves or hand props.

Ralph has a large, round face with a small amount of brown hair on top and a thick unibrow. If your hair isn’t already similar, consider using a short, brown wig. You can use makeup to create the unibrow and to emphasize the character's facial expressions, focusing on his friendly but intense eyes.

Wreck-It Ralph wears heavy, brown work boots. For accessories, the key is to replicate his large hands, which can be done with oversized gloves or custom-made foam hands. If you're adding bulk to the body, ensure that the boots and gloves maintain proportion to the added size.

To capture Wreck-It Ralph's character, focus on his strong but kind-hearted demeanor. He is often seen with a slightly confused or concerned expression, reflecting his struggle with being labeled a villain. Adopting a friendly and sometimes clumsy attitude will enhance the authenticity of your costume.

Including some of Ralph's quotes can make your costume portrayal more engaging: "I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be than me.," "I'm gonna wreck it!," "It's not a medal that makes you a hero; it's the medal that makes you a hero.," "Turns out I don't need a medal to tell me I'm a good guy." and "Why do I fix everything I touch?." These quotes capture Ralph's internal conflict about his identity, his journey to self-acceptance, and his desire to be more than what his video game role dictates.

About Wreck-It Ralph

Ralph has been doing his job as the bad guy for over thirty years in the arcade game, Fix-It Felix, Jr. and while he has done his job quite dutifully, he’s has grown tired of playing the bad guy over and over. It’s hard for him to love his job or what he does when it seems as though everyone just dislikes him for what he does. Feeling a little fedup, Ralph goes on an adventure to prove to the world that just because he has the title of a bad guy, it doesn’t actually make him a bad person. He travels to the Game Central Station using various portals to travel through the multitude of games but throughout his travels and meetings of characters, he ends up unleashing quite a huge evil that can potentially shut down the entire arcade and cause plenty of trouble to everyone around him.

Wreck-It Ralph

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