How to Dress Like Wreck-It Ralph

Two Button Baseball Jersey
100% cotton T-Shirt
Unibrow Fake Eyebrows
Fabric Pen Red Marker

Fabric Red Pen Marker

Use the fabric red marker and create your own plaid pattern for the orange henley shirt. Also, use scissors to cut off the sleeves for that ripped-off look.

Get the Marker
Ashed Duck Bib Overall
Muscle Chest Shirt
Ralph Smash Hands
Jumbo Bare Feet Shoe Covers
  1. Two Button Baseball Jersey Check Price
  2. 100% cotton T-Shirt Check Price
  3. Unibrow Fake Eyebrows Check Price
  4. Fabric Pen Red Marker Check Price
  5. Ashed Duck Bib Overall Check Price
  6. Muscle Chest Shirt Check Price
  7. Ralph Smash Hands Check Price
  8. Jumbo Bare Feet Shoe Covers Check Price

Best Wreck-It Ralph Costume Guide

Wreck-It Ralph is tired of being the bad guy inside of the Fix-It Felix arcade game. Ralph goes on a quest to become a hero in the hit Disney movie. Dress up in a costume just like the video game star. Get ripped like Ralph with a Muscle Chest Shirt, Ralph Smash Hands, and Jumbo Bare Feet Shoe Covers. Dress for the adventure with a Green 100% Cotton T-Shirt, Orange Two Button Baseball Jersey, and a pair of Ashed Duck Bib Overalls. Get Wreck-It Ralph’s look just right with a Unibrow Fake Eyebrow and a Red Fabric Pen to add a plaid pattern to the Orange Baseball Jersey.

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