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Wraith is a whirlwind fighter in the battle royale game Apex Legends. Wraith is able to execute deadly attacks and manipulate space-time, but she doesn’t know where her incredible powers came from. Years ago, Wraith woke up in an IMC Detention Facility for the Mentally Ill with no memory of her life before. When she awoke, she began to hear voices whispering in her mind that nearly drove her insane. Eventually, she started to listen and trust the voices, which allowed her to harness her new powers of void manipulation and escape the detention facility. Get the look of the time-manipulating fighter with this Wraith costume guide. 

Cosplay Wraith’s fighter-look with a Wraith Costume Suit with Black Costume Boots. Next, add a Black Scarf, a Black Bun Wig and a Wraith Toy Dagger to complete the look. With a costume like this, you’ll be able to fight your fiercest enemies and look great while doing it!

Wraith Cosplay Costumes

Though Wraith wakes up without any knowledge of her past, she makes it her mission to figure out where she came from. After she learns to control her powers and escapes the facility, she seeks to uncover her true identity. As she joins the competition in the Apex Games, she begins to uncover more information as she competes in various matches, each match revealing more about the truth. Cosplay Wraith’s warrior look with a Wraith costume suit that looks sleek and authentic paired with Black costume boots. Next, add a black scarf, a black bun wig, and Wraith toy dagger to complete her look. 

When it comes to the Apex Games, you’ll need some competition. So grab your friends and bring the Apex legends along as you cosplay characters like Bangalore, Crypto, Lifeline, Mirage, and Octane. With costumes this legendary, you’ll be competing with your friends all night long!

Wraith Costume Tips & FAQs

Venture into the enigmatic and fierce world of Wraith from the popular battle royale game “Apex Legends” with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. Prepare to channel the interdimensional skirmisher’s stealthy and powerful persona, as we guide you through the key elements for recreating Wraith’s distinctive look, answering your questions about crafting a costume that embodies her mysterious and formidable character.

Wraith's outfit is a sleek and tactical ensemble, reflecting her abilities as an interdimensional fighter. Key components include a tight-fitting, dark bodysuit with light blue and gray accents, tactical gloves, and combat boots. Her outfit is often accessorized with a utility belt, holsters, and knee pads. Wraith's signature look includes her distinctive asymmetrical hairstyle, with one side shaved and the other side featuring long, silver hair.

To emulate Wraith's hairstyle, consider a wig that has one side long and silver and the other side closely shaved or cropped. If you're willing to commit to the look, you can also have your hair styled similarly. For facial features, Wraith has a focused and intense look, with minimal makeup. You can use makeup to create a similar sharp and angular appearance.

Wraith wears sturdy, tactical-style combat boots that are practical for her high-energy battles. Opt for a pair of black, lace-up combat boots that offer both comfort and a rugged look.

Key accessories for Wraith include her utility belt with holsters, which is central to her tactical appearance. You might also consider adding replica weapons or gadgets that resemble her in-game gear. Additionally, a set of knee pads and fingerless tactical gloves can complete the look. "There's a thin line between life and death. You'll find me there.," "I know what I'm doing.," "Follow me and we'll win." and "Let's make a choice. Land here." Incorporating these quotes, along with Wraith's intense and focused demeanor, can add authenticity to your costume and help you capture the essence of her character from "Apex Legends."

Wraith is known for her intense and focused personality. Incorporating her quotes can add authenticity to your portrayal: "There's a thin line between life and death. You'll find me there.," "I know what I'm doing.," "Follow me if you want to win.," "I'm not afraid. I'll never be." and "Let's make a choice. Land here." These quotes reflect Wraith's determination, confidence, and mastery of her abilities, perfect for embodying her character at events or in competition.

About Wraith

After waking up in an IMC Detention Facility for the Mentally Ill, Wraith has no memory of her past life. Soon, however, she begins to hear distant voices whispering in her mind, the never-ending whispers nearly driving her insane. But once she began listening to the voices, she realized the voices were simply helping her harness her powers and escape the facility. Her abilities include being able to travel through voids and manipulate space-time. When traveling through voids, the voices return warning her about approaching danger. Additionally, she is able to link locations with portals, allowing her team to manipulate their place in space as well. 

When trying to uncover the truth about her past, she discovers that many of the old research facilities are buried beneath heavily guarded arenas used for the Apex Games. Her only option is to join the competition to try and get closer to the truth about her identity.


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