How to Dress Like Woodsman

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Men's Henley Shirt
Plaid Button Down Shirt
Fake Puff Cigarettes
Winter Russian Hats
Men's Straight Chino
Fake Beard
Fingerless Winter Gloves
Steel Toe Work Boots

Best Woodsman Costume Guide

Twin Peaks, the mystery horror drama, that isn’t shy about showing off weird, supernatural creatures, and the Woodsman is one that will suddenly appear without any warning! The appearance of the Woodsman seemed to be a direct outcome of the Trinity nuclear test in White Sands, New Mexico. If a character is near the convenient store, they are most likely to cross paths with one of the elusive Woodsmen. Get the look of the pitch-black bearded man with this Woodsman costume guide.

As you would imagine any Woodsman to be dressed, they are usually seen wearing a Plaid Button Down Shirt over a Henley Shirt, Men’s Chino Pants, and a pair of Steel-Toe Work Boots. Obviously, they have bushy Beards, have Winter Russian Hats, and wear Fingerless Winter Gloves. Grab a fake cigarette to puff on, and be sure to ask everyone you see for a light!

Woodsman Cosplay Costumes

The perfect part about most of the pieces needed for a Woodsman costume around Halloween is that all the fall and winter clothing items are readily available! You have the best luck! Head over to the costume shop to get a fake beard unless you’re cool enough to have your own manly, bushy beard. While you’re there, grab a pack of fake cigarettes. Dig through your own clothes to spot a plaid shirt, regular Henley, and some straight chinos. If you already have a pair of winter gloves, cut the tips of the fingers for the right look! Then lace up a pair of work boots to complete the look. Now, you’re ready to creep some people out just like on Twin Peaks!

You have to have someone to chase around, so grab your favorite people to torment and dressed as BOB, Dale Cooper, Billy, or any of the other Twin Peaks characters! Apart from the Woodsman costume guide, you can grab even more cosplay inspiration from our Twin Peaks costume gallery, too!

Woodsman Costume Tips & FAQs

Delve into the eerie and mysterious world of “Twin Peaks” with our Woodsman costume guide FAQ. This guide is designed to assist you in recreating the haunting appearance of the Woodsman, a figure shrouded in darkness and intrigue in the series. Ideal for fans of the show, this costume embodies the chilling and enigmatic atmosphere of “Twin Peaks.”

The Woodsman's outfit in "Twin Peaks" is notably rustic and dark. Essential components include a soot-covered, long-sleeved work shirt, often in a dark shade like gray or charcoal, and similarly sooty work pants. The Woodsman is also characterized by his large, dirty fedora or hat and heavy boots. A key aspect of his look is the overall grimy and unkempt appearance, as if covered in ashes or soot.

To mimic the soot-covered look of the Woodsman, you can use dark, smudgy makeup or safe, washable paint to create a dirty, ashen effect on your clothes and skin. Focus on making the clothes look worn and aged, with extra attention to making them appear as if you've been near a fire or in a grimy, industrial setting.

The Woodsman wears a large, dirty fedora or a similarly styled hat. Choose a hat that is oversized and make it look dirty and aged using makeup, paint, or by distressing the fabric. For shoes, opt for heavy, dark boots that match the rugged and worn look of the rest of the outfit.

To complete the Woodsman look, you might consider adding props like an old-fashioned oil lantern or a woodsman's axe (a fake one for safety). These accessories can enhance the eerie and rustic feel of the character. Remember to prioritize safety and ensure that any props are clearly fake and appropriate for the event you are attending.

The Woodsman in "Twin Peaks" is known for his chilling presence rather than specific quotes. However, repeating the eerie line, "Gotta light?" in a deep, haunting voice can effectively convey the character's unnerving aura. Additionally, moving slowly and deliberately, and maintaining a mysterious and unsettling demeanor, can add authenticity to your portrayal.

About Woodsman

On the mystery drama, Twin Peaks, there are so many supernatural happenings that it can be difficult to keep up with! The Woodsmen, pitch-black bearded men, are recurring creatures on the show that made their first appearance in the 50’s. When nuclear testing was taking place in White Sands, New Mexico, the Woodsmen began to mysteriously appear.

Then, whenever any characters from the show come across the convenient store, which mysteriously pop up at any time and place, the Woodsmen are the ones who are welcoming anyone to enter. There’s something fishy about the convenient store and the Woodsmen. While they may not seem dangerous when asking for a light for their cigarette, they don’t hesitate to kill or even eat some of the characters that appear throughout the show.


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