How to Dress Like Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman Costume Guide
Gold Wonder Woman Tiara
Red Shell Bead Stud Earrings
Wonder Woman Wig
Wonder Woman Cuffs
Wonder Woman Logo Gold Foil Sticker
Red Faux Leather Corset
Small Twist Cord
Gold Mirror Belt
Blue with White Stars Spandex Shorts
Wonder Woman Boots

Best Wonder Woman Costume Guide

Dress like Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman played by Lynda Carter in the original television show. As one of the founding members of the Justice League, Wonder Woman is gifted with a variety of superhuman powers and combat skills. She possesses an arsenal of unique weapons including the Lasso of Truth, indestructible bracelets, and a tiara of projectiles.  Get ready to take on the worst of super villains with a Red Faux Leather Corset, Blue with White Stars Spandex Shorts, Gold Mirror Belt, Wonder Woman Cuffs, and Wonder Woman Logo Gold Foil Sticker. Slip on a pair of Wonder Woman Boots along with a Wonder Woman Wig, Gold Wonder Woman Tiara, and a pair of Red Shell Bead Stud Earrings. Her Lasso of Truth is a must so do not forget your Small Twist Cord.



Wonder Woman Cosplay Costumes

Wonder Woman never really strays from her uniform, and now you can dress up as the strongest woman in the universe! Fortunately, we have all of the pieces already lined up for you, but now you have to decide how to get your hands on them yourself! Since most of Wonder Woman’s pieces aren’t everyday clothes, buying them online is going to be your best bet for the closest look! If you already have some of the pieces like the red earrings, go ahead and wear them for the costume!

Once you have Wonder Woman’s tiara, corset, boots, bracelets, lasso, and other pieces all put together, then you’re only missing one thing–the rest of your group! Grab some friends to dress as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and The Flash! We definitely want to see your Wonder Woman look especially if you have the rest of the Justice League with you! Check out the other costume recreations in the Wonder Woman gallery.

About Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one lady not to mess with! She was born from an Amazon woman who was placed on an island full of other Amazonian women souls murdered by men. Wonder Woman, also known as Diana Prince, was born from all of the souls of that island put together. since should couldn’t technically be born from these souls, her mother was asked by the gods to mold a baby girl out of clay which turned out to be Diana.

She is fierce, independent, and uses her super-heroine powers to do good in the world and stop corruption! She has superhuman strength, she can fly, heightened speed, reflexes, and agility, and we can’t forget about her accessories! Wonder Woman wears bracelets that deflect attacks, and a Lasso of Truth that cannot be snapped, broken, or cut! When wrapped in the lasso, the prisoner must answer any questions Wonder Woman asks without answering with a lie! Don’t get in the way of Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman

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