How to Dress Like Wonder Woman (Undercover)

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Women's Trench Coat
White Button Down Shirt
Grey Long Skirt
Wide Brim Wool Hat
Circled Framed Glasses
Women's Brown Belt
Black Leather Gloves
Wonder Woman's Sword
Wonder Woman Shield

Best Wonder Woman (Undercover) Costume Guide

The DC Comics superhero, Wonder Woman, is an icon to all women. Princess Diana, played by Gal Gadot, is a strong female who leaves her native island of Amazon island of Themyscira to save the world from the World War. Tough and resilient, she fights alongside some of the biggest names in the DC Extended Universe and shows that she can hold her own. After Steve Trevor brings her to London in the 2017 movie, Wonder Woman, Diana dresses in an undercover outfit more appropriate to be blend in among the people in London. Get the look of Diana in London with this Wonder Woman Undercover costume guide.

Cosplay Wonder Woman as she goes undercover by wearing a Women’s Trench Coat, White Button Down Shirt, Grey Long Skirt, Wide Brim Wool Hat, Circled Framed Glasses, Women’s Brown Belt, Black Leather Gloves, and the Wonder Woman’s shield and sword to complete the look.

Wonder Woman (Undercover) Cosplay Costumes

While you may be familiar with Wonder Woman’s typical costume, you may not know exactly how to get the look of her undercover outfit. It’s a look that Princess Diana wore in the 2017 movie while on the streets of London. Ditching her typical Wonder Woman attire, she opts for something a little more conservative to blend while on the streets of London. Dress up in the chic casual look that Gal Galdot wore in the hit Wonder Woman movie.

Grab a few friends who are willing to dress as other DC Comics superheroes, like Superman, and you can have a pretty awesome superhero group cosplay. Send over a few photos of your Wonder Woman costume no matter if it is the undercover version or the fighting version. We can feature you on the Costume Wall to inspire others. If Wonder Woman isn’t the right costume for you, take a look at the top costume guides for women to get even more ideas!

Wonder Woman (Undercover) Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the world of espionage and intrigue with our costume guide FAQ for Wonder Woman in her “Undercover” look. This unique portrayal of the iconic superheroine shows her in a blend of her traditional elements and a more subtle, incognito style, perfect for undercover missions. In this guide, we’ll explore the essential components of Wonder Woman’s undercover outfit, providing insights into how you can embody the spirit of this versatile and powerful character.

Wonder Woman's Undercover outfit is a creative blend of her iconic superhero costume with everyday attire, allowing her to blend in while retaining her heroic identity. Key components often include a stylish yet practical jacket or coat, a top with subtle nods to her traditional colors (red, blue, and gold), and dark, fitted pants or jeans. She may wear sensible boots or shoes suitable for quick action. Essential accessories include understated jewelry that hints at her Amazonian heritage and a pair of sunglasses for a discreet look. Wonder Woman's hair is typically styled in a way that is both practical and elegant.

To replicate Wonder Woman's undercover look, start with a fashionable yet functional jacket or coat. Incorporate hints of her traditional colors in your top, such as a red blouse or a blue shirt with gold accents. Choose dark pants that are comfortable and allow for movement. The key is to subtly hint at her superhero persona while maintaining a look that wouldn't draw attention in a typical urban setting.

For footwear, choose boots or shoes that are stylish yet practical, such as ankle boots or sleek, athletic-inspired flats. Accessories should be minimal but can include elements that hint at her Amazonian roots, like a cuff bracelet or a piece of gold jewelry. Sunglasses add to the undercover aspect, giving her a more incognito appearance.

Key details for an undercover Wonder Woman costume include maintaining a balance between her superhero identity and a disguise. You might carry a bag that's large enough to hold her traditional Wonder Woman gear, symbolizing her readiness to transform into her superhero persona at a moment's notice. Additionally, maintaining a confident and poised demeanor, as befits Diana Prince, will add authenticity to the costume.

To enhance your portrayal of an undercover Wonder Woman, adopt her confident stance and purposeful stride. Even in disguise, she carries herself with the grace and strength of an Amazonian warrior. You can also practice poses that hint at her readiness for action, such as subtly resting a hand near where her lasso would be, ready to spring into action if needed. Remember, even undercover, Wonder Woman exudes a sense of power, grace, and readiness to defend justice.

About Wonder Woman (Undercover)

Wonder Woman, also known as Princess Diana, grew up on the Amazon island of Themyscira or Paradise Island as it’s often referred to. It is an island only filled with women and is completely detached from man’s world. Diana always believed that she was born from clay before finding out that she did have a father, a God who went by the name of Zeus. Diana, played by Gal Gadot, is a fighter with tons of mercy which is why she leaves her training with the God of War after realizing this. She doesn’t come to the man’s world until a man by the name of Steve Trevor crashes on her island during World War I.

Steve Trevor takes her back to London to fight against the opposition in the World War. In the 2017 movie, Wonder Woman, she ultimately defeats Ares, her half-brother who pretends to be Sir Patrick Morgan but spares the life of Doctor Poison. Following the war, she remains in Paris to help protect the world.

Wonder Woman (Undercover)

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