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Wilma Flintstone is a main character in the popular and long-running animated series The Flintstones. The Flintstones takes place in a modernized version of the Stone Age where dinosaurs were made to be vehicles and where people had modified gadgets such as baby elephants as vacuums. It was about the titular family, the Flintstones, and their best friends, the Rubbles. It was so well-loved that it was actually the first animated series to hold a prime time slot on ABC. The show ran for most of the 1960s. Wilma is the strong-willed and level-headed wife of Fred Flintstone, often the one who pulls back Fred to the ground when he has his head in the clouds with his schemes.

Get the look of the modern pre-historic wife with this Wilma Flintstone costume guide. Rocking this Wilma’s outfit is easy! Just get a Wilma dress and Wilma wig and accessorize it with a caveman club, a pearl necklace, and some red lipstick.


Wilma Flinstone Cosplay Costumes

Wilma was often portrayed to be a very beautiful woman. Along with her best friend Betty Rubble, she would often join beauty pageants, in which she and Betty would tie in. When she was younger, Wilma and Betty worked as cigarette girls and waitresses at a resort. Here, they each met their future husbands. Fred and Barney were, at the time, working as bellhops at the same resort. Even though Wilma’s mother, Pearl, disliked Fred and had a long-standing rivalry with him, Wilma and Fred eventually married and made a home together. Fred became the sole breadwinner of the household as Wilma kept it intact as a housemaker. She was said to be a fantastic cook, especially with her Gravelberry Pie. This particular recipe was so good that she eventually sold it to a supermarket chain called Safestone.

Party it up in the Stone Age! Call all your friends to complete The Flintstones gang cosplay dressed up as Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble, and Betty Rubble! Get your group together and take a photo as a group for the annual Halloween costume contest.

About Wilma Flinstone

An interesting fact about Wilma Flintstone is that long-standing audiences and fans have identified her real maiden name to be an error in writing and a point of dispute. Earlier episodes of the original series are said to have clearly stated Wilma’s maiden name as “Pebble.” Several characters, such as her old friend Greta Gravel and her former boyfriend Rodney Whetstone, refer to her as Wilma Pebble. However, in later episodes and spin-offs of the original series, it is revealed that her maiden name is Slaghoople, mainly based on the fact that her mother has always been named and written as Pearl Slaghoople.

There are several theories as to why the mix-up has occurred. One such theory is that “Pebble,” which is coincidentally her daughter’s name, later on, could be Wilma’s middle name rather than her maiden name. Another is that Mr. Slaghoople might be Wilma’s mother’s second husband, and Wilma took on her father’s name. The Flintstones’ writer Earl Kress just chalked it up to the creator, not caring about continuity!

Wilma Flinstone

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