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The American Horror Story television series focuses on horror and supernatural storytelling. The FX series was created by the co-creators of Glee, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, who write unique settings for each season. They began creating the show because they wanted to be involved in something completely different than what they were accustomed to. Inspired by real-life crimes, they created a show that would raise the hairs of every viewer. 

Sister Mary Eunice McKee became a Nun at Briarcliff Manor. She is a shy and quiet girl who only wanted to do her best. No one would have ever thought she could be capable of murder. When the Devil possesses her, Sister Mary starts to do more evil than good. Transform yourself into the terrifying White Nun. For the costume, you will need a White Nun Costume, White Lipstick, White Face Paint, Black Face Paint, White Tights, and a pair of Ballerina Flats.

White Nun Cosplay Costumes

With Halloween coming up, this is the perfect time to start thinking about a spooky costume. The White Nun will get some looks and will scare almost anyone you encounter. The best part about The White Nun costume is the fact that it’s a really simple costume to put together. There aren’t a lot of elements and colors that you need to focus on, which means you can take time perfecting the makeup. The dripping black eyes are what’s going to set this look apart, so make sure to go bold!

Another way you could go to the extreme with this costume is to mix up possessed and dispossessed nuns. You could arrive at a costume party dressed up as a White Nun while a friend is dressed as Sister Mary Eunice. Another cool idea would be if you dressed up as the normal Sister Mary Eunice when you first arrived and then transformed your look midway through the party.

White Nun Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the chilling atmosphere of “American Horror Story” with our costume guide FAQ for the White Nun, a haunting figure from the “Asylum” season of the series. Known for her ghostly presence and stark white attire, the White Nun’s costume is both eerie and iconic, perfect for fans of the show or those looking to create a spine-tingling impression at a themed event.

The White Nun's outfit is characterized by a long white habit, which is the traditional dress worn by nuns. This includes a white tunic, a scapular (a long, wide piece of cloth worn over the shoulders), and a cincture (a cord tied around the waist). The outfit is completed with a white veil and wimple (the cloth covering the neck and chin), and white gloves.

The White Nun is notable for her stark white face, which creates a ghostly effect. This can be achieved with white face paint or makeup, applied evenly to create a pale, almost ethereal look. The eyes should be accentuated with dark, sunken eye makeup to enhance the haunting appearance.

The White Nun's footwear is typically not visible beneath the long habit, so simple and comfortable shoes are appropriate. White or black flat shoes, such as loafers or simple ballet flats, would be suitable and maintain the monochromatic theme of the outfit.

Essential accessories for the White Nun costume include a silver or white cross necklace, which nuns often wear as a symbol of their faith. Additionally, carrying a prop rosary can add authenticity to the costume. The rosary beads can be white or silver to match the costume's color scheme.

To effectively embody the White Nun's character, consider these tips: Move with a slow, deliberate grace to capture her ghostly presence, Maintain a solemn, mysterious demeanor, as she is a figure of intrigue and fear in the series, Practice a silent, piercing gaze, as the White Nun rarely speaks but communicates volumes with her expressions, If interacting with others, do so with a sense of foreboding and quiet intensity. Embrace the eerie and unsettling aura of the character, which is central to her role in "American Horror Story."

About White Nun

Sister Mary Eunice is from the FX horror driven television show, American Horror Story. When first introduced to her, she is a kind and innocent girl. Sister Mary seems easily intimidated by people and is also very shy. However, this doesn’t last long when The Devil chooses her as his new host. Her personality shifts from her quiet demeanor to something more cunning and sneaky. She becomes incredibly manipulative and cruel. Eventually, Sister Mary Eunice begins brutally killing the other Nuns and inmates. 

After gaining control over the asylum, Sister Mary Eunice strives towards a more significant plan. Her main goal now is to have control of the Vatican, which will require even more work. Several people try their hand at killing her, but she quickly sees through their ploys and promptly disposes of them or punishes them in some way. The real Sister Mary Eunice tries to the right her way through The Devil, but becomes exhausted and needs help being saved.

White Nun

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