How to Dress Like Wheeler (Fire)

Male TV Shows
Orange/Red Men's Wig
Assorted Colors Light-Up Gem Rings
Fire Planeteer Kelly Green T-Shirt
Levi's Caraway Trucker Jacket
Dickies Slim-fit Twill Work Pant
Rothco Web Belt
Birch Green Shoe Laces
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes

Best Wheeler Costume Guide

The 90’s animated environmentalist show Captain Planet, stars Wheeler, the bearer of the fire ring and the third summoned planeteer. From Brooklyn, Wheeler has the street-smarts of the group, but is often considered a “hothead.” He’s an eco-friendly cosplay choice for your next costume party or convention. Follow this guide, and we’ll help you pull off his planet loving look.

Let’s start with accessories. We chose a Men’s Orange Wig and Assorted Colors Light-Up Gem Rings. Wear a Fire Planeteer Kelly Green T-Shirt under a Levi’s Caraway Trucker Jacket. Add a pair of Dickies Slim-fit Twill Work Pants belted with a Rothco Web Belt and the look will be nearly complete. Cap off Wheeler’s cosplay with a pair of classic Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Shoes and Birch Green Shoe Laces.



Wheeler Cosplay Costumes

If you’re looking to do battle with eco-villains at your next cosplay event, we suggest the Fire Planeteer Wheeler. A natural ginger, you can pull off his hair color with either a wig or spray on hair color. Both can be found at a local costume shop. While there, you can pick up a red light up ring. If you’re the creative type, create your own Captain Planet logo t-shirt using supplies from the craft section. Otherwise, you can quickly order an official t-shirt online. A typical pair of jeans and a lightweight khaki jacket and you’re all set.

Wheeler is easily the least knowledgeable about planet preservation. He represents people who cause obliviously harm to the environment. To have a united front at conventions, add fellow planeteers, Kwame, Gi, Linka or Ma-Ti. Of course, you can also include Gaia and Captain Planet himself. Be sure to check out the featured cosplay pics for more style ideas. Show us your best Wheeler look and send us your picture after you dress up!

Wheeler Costume Tips & FAQs

Ignite your passion for environmental heroism with our Wheeler (Fire) costume guide FAQ from “Captain Planet and the Planeteers.” Embody the fiery spirit and courage of Wheeler as we answer your most common questions about creating his iconic look, perfect for any cosplay event or themed gathering.

Wheeler's outfit is characterized by its simplicity and vibrant colors. It includes a red T-shirt with the Earth symbol in the center, blue jeans, red sneakers, and a red cap worn backwards. Don't forget his Planeteer ring, which is essential for summoning Captain Planet.

Wheeler's Planeteer ring, which controls the power of Fire, is a key accessory. You can create a DIY version using craft materials like red plastic gems and a simple ring base, or find replica rings available in costume stores or online.

Wheeler has short, messy red hair and a freckled face. You can achieve this look with a short, red wig or by temporarily dyeing your hair. Use makeup or a light brown eyeliner pencil to add freckles to your cheeks and nose.

Wheeler is known for his confident and sometimes impulsive demeanor. He often has a relaxed posture with a hands-on-hips stance, exuding a sense of readiness and eagerness. Emulating these characteristics can enhance your portrayal.

Adding Wheeler's quotes can bring his character to life in your costume portrayal. Some notable quotes include: "Fire!," "Hey, cool it!," "Let's take out this toxic trash!," "Whoa, that was hot!" and "Time to turn up the heat!." These quotes reflect Wheeler's fiery personality, his role as the Fire Planeteer, and his commitment to protecting the environment alongside his fellow Planeteers.

About Wheeler

Wheeler doesn’t look before he leaps. A man of action, he will sometimes act before fully thinking the situation through. Wheeler prefers to taunt the Eco-Villains and prompt them into action. He is quick-witted and quick to hurl insults at his enemies. While Wheeler may take care of work when it needs to be done, he is often tempted to skip work and have fun instead.

Wheeler never lets his love of fun come between him and his loyalty to his friends. When in crisis, he can be counted on to help. He asks a lot of questions and requires things to be explained to him in a detailed manner. His questioning is no reflection on his intelligence; he knows how to get the job done. He enjoys flirting with girls though he seems to have his heart set on Linka; not that this stops him from flirting with other girls!


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