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Wendy Torrance Costume Guide
Green Flannel
Corduroy Slit Loose Overall Dress
Black Tights
Beige Warmers
Beige Turtleneck
Wooden Bat
Brown Boots

Best Wendy Torrance Halloween Costume Guide

Wendy Torrance, played by actress Shelley Duvall, is another character created from the mind of Stephen King as she is one of the main characters appearing in the Stanley Kubrick film, The Shining. Her character is a fan favorite as she fought against Jack Torrance to keep her son and herself alive at the infamous Overlook Hotel. Since she was a creation of Stephen King, Wendy had her own internal issues that would soon surface and come to light. Get the look of the protective mother appearing in the classic horror movie with this Wendy Torrance costume guide.

Cosplay Wendy’s vintage style for your next costume with a Beige Turtleneck layered underneath a Green Flannel and a Corduroy Overall Dress. She is also seen wearing a pair of Black Tights and Beige Leg Warmers with Brown Boots. To protect herself against her insane husband, Wendy also carried around a Wooden Bat to fend him off!

Wendy Torrance Cosplay Costumes

The Shining is a horror film from the 1980’s that was adapted from a Stephen King novel, so getting a costume to match Wendy Torrance’s look requires vintage style clothing. Time to take a trip to the thrift store to pick up what you need! Be on the lookout for a beige turtleneck, a green flannel shirt, and a pair of brown corduroy overalls. Check out your own closet for a pair of black tights, beige leg warmers, and a pair of brown boots. Carry along a baseball bat to protect yourself from Jack Nicholson as he attacks you with an axe!

Wendy was trapped inside the Overlook Hotel with her husband and son, so get a couple of your friends to dress as Jack Torrance, her husband, and Danny Torrance, her son, from The Shining film. Venture outside the Overlook Hotel to show off this throwback cosplay for Halloween.

About Wendy Torrance

Wendy Torrance is married to Jack Torrance, played by Jack Nicholson, and they have a son named Danny. She wouldn’t be one of Stephen King’s characters without having mental issues of her own. Wendy struggles with trying to please her mother and competing with her on all fronts. Jack nearly killed Danny at one point when he was younger, and Wendy has never really been capable of forgiving him. She constantly brings up Jack’s faults and mistakes, which is similar to what Wendy’s mother would do.

When Wendy, Jack, and Danny move to the Overlook Hotel for a fresh start, Wendy is excited and thinks it will be a wonderful experience for them as a family. She quickly learns otherwise whenever her husband appears to be losing his sanity and Danny begins to have more and more psychotic spells. Wendy must protect herself and her son from her deranged husband and find a way to escape this wicked hotel!

Wendy Torrance

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