How to Dress Like Wendy Corduroy

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Wendy Corduroy Costume Guide
Faux Fur Trapper Hat
Round Beads Stud Earrings
Solid Color Bow Tie
Long Wavy Red Hair Wig
Plaid Flannel Button Down Shirt
Olivia Rain Boot
Mid Rise Skinny Jean

Best Wendy Corduroy Costume Guide

Get the cosplay look of Wendy Corduroy, the tall, laid back teenager from the show Gravity Falls on Disney XD. When she’s not working at the Mystery Shack, Wendy can be found going on adventures with Dipper and Mabel Pines.

Get her costume with a Long Wavy Red Hair Wig, Corduroy Faux Fur Trapper Hat, Plaid Flannel Button Down Shirt, Solid Color Bow Tie, Mid Rise Skinny Jean, Round Beads Stud Earrings, and Olivia Rain Boots.

Wendy Corduroy Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay as Wendy Corduroy, and you’ll be the coolest girl in Gravity Falls. Wendy’s laid-back look isn’t hard to pull off — just wear a green plaid flannel, black rain boots, some skinny jeans, and Wendy’s signature fur trapper hat. Oh, and don’t forget a black bow tie, that wouldn’t be cool.

Don’t worry if you don’t have red hair (Wendy Corduroy never worries about anything, she’s too chill for that); a long red hair wig will do the trick. Get together the whole Mystery Shack crew by having your friends cosplay as Dipper and Mabel Pines. Even better if you find someone to be Grunkle Stan. Use these Wendy Corduroy cosplayers for inspiration for your sweet getup.

About Wendy Corduroy

Wendy Corduroy is a chill, easygoing teenage girl from Gravity Falls, Oregon. She works behind the counter at the Mystery Shack, owned by Stan. She doesn’t take work too seriously and instead prefers to be adventurous and have fun. She’s always wearing a fur lumberjack hat because of her dad, Manly Dan, who is a lumberjack.

Wendy befriends Dipper and Mabel Pines when they come to spend the summer with their Great Uncle Stan. The three hang out often and occasionally get into trouble together. Wendy is the object of Dipper’s affection, despite the fact that she is several years older than him. Wendy is open about the fact that she has dated multiple boys from Gravity Falls, although she ended most of those relationships. She is very independent and content with being alone, and she rarely lets things get her down. Wendy really is an optimist.

Wendy Corduroy

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