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The Wendigos are humans turned monsters in the horror survival game, Until Dawn. These were people who initially stayed or worked in the mines of Mount Madahee. A group of Native Americans, called the Cree, once considered the mountain sacred and that harming it would cause the release of a terrible curse. When the miners worked on the mountain, it supposedly released the Wendigo spirits which possessed humans in the area. When a mining disaster struck around 1952, the curse resurrected. Dozens of people were killed and those who survived resorted to cannibalism to escape death. These are the Wendigos.

Get the look of the people-eating creature with this Wendigo costume guide. Create the scariest Until Dawn cosplay ever! You can get the complete look by wear a Full Bodysuit, Zombie Hands, Zombie Feet, and Bald Cap. Add more horror to your look by putting on some Fake Blood and Fake Scars.

Wendigo Cosplay Costumes

The hideous-looking Wendigos have a disfigured spine, which gives them an extreme hunchback appearance. Despite their posture, they have sharp teeth and eyesight that is heavily influenced by other’s movement. Their extra-long limbs make them capable of climbing walls with ease and jumping from one spot to another. Their taut skin looks like glistening, stretched armor, which can produce acid sweat that strengthens their bodies. Wendigos are immune to weapons such as bullets and sharp objects. Their only weakness is fire, which can destroy the outer layer of their tough skin. Over time, Wendigos eventually lose their hair, as well as their male and female characteristics.

Regardless of their skeletal-like appearance, Wendigos can retain tattoos and other alterations made to their skin present before their transformation. Make your Wendigo costume more unique by applying a fake tattoo of your choice on any part of your body.

About Wendigo

An incubation of at least four days is needed for the initial transformation of a human into a Wendigo. The changes become much quicker after that, which takes at least 12 days. The creature becomes stronger as it feeds. Despite its undead appearance, Wendigos are not zombies, and a person bitten by the beast will not turn into one of them. However, these creatures will employ methods to kill their victims, one of which is stripping the skin of the human’s body, piece by piece.

Wendigos keep their victims alive to make them watch their organs being eaten and harvested. Another unique ability of the Wendigo is its ability to mimic human voices, which it uses to lure victims to their death. It’s not advised to kill a Wendigo, despite its threat to humans. Killing one supposedly releases the spirit, which can possess another human. Killing a Wendigo is supposed to be done only as a last resort.


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