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Best Weird Al Yankovic Costume Guide

Alfred Matthew “Weird Al” Yankovic is an American musician, songwriter, comedian, and performer who has carved a long career out of creating parodies of popular songs. He is also known to perform long polka medleys using his accordion, often mimicking the style of popular artists. For decades now, Weird Al has been poking fun at major pop stars in a usually kind and humorous way and has performed his act in over 1,000 live shows.

With more than 150 parodies under his belt, the man with the long, curly hair has enjoyed considerable success on the back of his music videos in which he also mimics the artists he is parodying. If you want to get your Weird Al on, you’ll need a Full Hair Party Wig, Fashion Beach Shirt, Men’s Casual Pants, Crew Socks, Vans Authentic and a Diatonic Accordion.

Weird Al Yankovic Cosplay Costumes

Since 1976 Weird Al Yankovic has released more than 150 parody songs, a whole heap of hilarious music videos, toured extensively, and even appeared in movie and television cameo roles. Needless to say, the accordion playing funster with long curly hair, sometimes a strange little mustache, and an extremely questionable taste in shirts is one of pop-culture’s most recognizable figures.

You’re sure to be a hit with your friends if you take your next costume party as an opportunity to pay tribute to the man who has brought laughter to generations. Maybe you can even mix up the costume and go as some of his music video characters. If you’re fortunate enough to have some old Michael Jackson costumes from the ‘Bad’ video, and maybe a fat-suit – mix it up and cosplay Weird Al from his ‘Fat’ parody video, or even add in some doctor’s scrubs and go as Weird Al from his ‘Like A Surgeon’ parody of Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’.

About Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic released his first comedy song in 1976 and has been making the world laugh ever since. He is known for his outrageous parodies of popular songs or using a band’s particular music style to poke fun at various parts of pop-culture. His humor generally remains very light-hearted and inoffensive, making his work accessible to people of all ages, often using his customary accordion and unique appearance to great effect.

Throughout his career, he has sold over 12 million records, earned four Grammy awards and a further eleven nominations. His albums have appeared in the Billboard Top 10, and his music videos where he mimics the original artist’s videos have been enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Some of his notable parody targets have included Michael Jackson (twice), Madonna, Coolio, Devo, Nirvana, Queen and Chamillionaire in a career that puts all other artists on notice – nobody is safe!

Weird Al Yankovic

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