How to Dress Like Wario

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Wario Bib Overalls
Wario Hat, Glove, and Moustache
Bright Pink Face Paint
Nose Prosthetic
Bushy Eyebrows
Turquoise Tempes Eyeshadow
Green Elf Shoes
Yellow Short Sleeve Shirt

Best Wario Costume Guide

“You know, there’s no I in team, but there’s an M and an E, and that spells me, Wario!” Wario’s catchphrase is a perfect description of how he sees the world. The archrival of Nintendo’s Mario is out to steal all of the gold coins even if he has to stuff them all in his outfit! The video game antihero first appeared in a 1992 Game Boy game and since been featured in many of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. games. Get Mario’s opposite personality and style with this Wario costume guide.

Cosplay Wario with a pair of Wario Bib Overalls, Yellow Short Sleeve Shirt, Green Elf Shoes, Bushy Eyebrows, Nose Prosthetic, Bright Pink Face Paint, Turquoise Tempes Eyeshadow, and a Wario Adult Hat, Glove, and Moustache kit. Don’t forget a snarky attitude!

Wario Cosplay Costumes

It’s time to stand up against the video game hero Mario! Dressing up as a villain is sometimes more fun than dressing up as the good guy, and Wario is a fun antihero for this type of character. A few of the costume pieces should be ordered online to ensure a great match. Wear a pair of Wario overalls along with his signature hat, mustache, and gloves, the rest of the items should be pretty easy to find in a costume shop!

Wario is an awesome character to dress up on your own, but it’s even better if you grab a few friends to turn this into a group cosplay! Have your friends recreate Mario, Luigi, Toad, or even Luigi’s evil counterpart Waluigi. Be sure to check out the video game costume guides for even more ideas! Send us a picture of your Wario costume to be featured in a Costume Wall gallery.

Wario Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the mischievous world of Wario, the iconic anti-hero from the Mario franchise, with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. Known for his exaggerated features and distinct style, this section helps you recreate Wario’s look in detail. From his classic purple and yellow attire to his unique facial expressions, we cover everything you need to transform into this beloved video game character.

Wario's outfit is instantly recognizable and consists of a few essential items. You'll need a purple long-sleeved shirt and yellow overalls with large white buttons. Additionally, a yellow and purple cap with a 'W' emblem, green shoes, and white gloves with a 'W' symbol are vital. Don't forget his signature large, pink nose and pointy, jagged mustache for the complete look.

Wario is known for his exaggerated, cartoonish facial features. Use makeup or face paint to create his large, pink nose and prominent, jagged mustache. You can also use makeup to replicate his cheeky grin and mischievous, narrowed eyes. If needed, consider a false nose or a pre-made mustache to enhance the effect.

Wario wears a distinct yellow and purple cap. You can either find a cap that already has the colors and emblem or modify a plain yellow cap by adding purple fabric to the brim and attaching a 'W' emblem. The emblem can be made from felt or fabric and sewn or glued on.

Wario has a small amount of brown hair peeking out from under his cap. Style your hair (or a wig) to show just a few strands. For makeup, emphasize your eyebrows to be thick and slightly angry-looking, and consider using a bit of blush to give your cheeks a fuller, more cartoonish appearance.

Bringing Wario to life isn't just about the costume; his personality is key. Some of his famous quotes and catchphrases include: "Wa-ha-ha! Have a rotten day!," "I'm-a Wario, I'm-a gonna win!," "Wario time!," "Get outta my way!" and "You're lousy!." These phrases encapsulate Wario's brash, greedy, and self-centered character, making your portrayal more authentic and engaging for fellow fans.

About Wario

Wario is the evil counterpart of the one and only Italian plumber from Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros video games! Wario was one of the bosses to defeat at the end of the 1992 Game Boy game, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. Since then, he has become a huge hit and has been appearing in even more Nintendo games. He even has his own game entitled, Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. He must be a really popular bad guy if he can have his very own video game!

Wario is a greedy and rude villain, but he can be difficult to defeat due to his strengths and willingness to destroy everything in his path! He’s often found taunting and pushing Mario to his limits. Wario is out to get all of the golden coins possible and won’t stop no matter what stands in his way! You can definitely see how his greed of money and power has totally corrupted him.


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