How to Dress Like Waluigi

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Denim Overalls
Pointed Nose
Elf Ears
Pink Face Paint
Waluigi Kit
Yellow Buttons
Self-Adhesive Removable Letters
Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt
Super Mario Gloves
Elf Shoes

Best Waluigi Costume Guide

While Wario is the arch-rival of the video game legend Super Mario, of course, there has to be an arch-rival for his brother Luigi too! The video game character Waluigi, created by Fumihide Aoki, is his bitter rival. Waluigi first appeared in the game Mario Tennis as a playable character, but quickly grew into a much larger role in the Super Mario Bros. franchise! He has a lot of similarities to Luigi, but don’t worry, his appearance and attitude have many differences! Get the look of Luigi’s arch-rival with this Waluigi costume guide.

Cosplay Waluigi’s look with Denim Overalls, Yellow Buttons, Super Mario Gloves, a Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt, Pink Face Paint, Elf Shoes, a Pointed Nose, Self-Adhesive Removable Letters, a Waluigi Kit, and Elf Ears The evil version of Nintendo’s Luigi is on the loose!

Waluigi Cosplay Costumes

Waluigi may think “you’re lousy!” but this costume is quite the opposite! While most cosplayers gravitate towards the main characters in Super Mario Bros., Mario and Luigi, but why not mix it up a bit with their evil counterparts with Wario and Walugi? The costume for Luigi’s arch-rival has quite a few pieces, but luckily we know where to find them all! Get his black overalls, yellow buttons, and a basic long sleeve at a thrift store and the rest of the cosplay items should be easy to find in most costume shops.

Waluigi doesn’t need any help to maintain his wicked personality, but you can quickly turn this solo cosplay into a group cosplay by adding other video game characters! Add Wario, MarioLuigi, or other characters from Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. franchise. Send us a picture of your completed Walugi look to be featured in the cosplay photo gallery.

Waluigi Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the mischievous and lanky Waluigi, the renowned character from the “Super Mario” video game series, with our costume guide FAQ. Embrace the playful and villainous charm of Luigi’s rival as we answer your most curious questions about crafting a costume that captures Waluigi’s unique and comical style.

Waluigi's outfit is characterized by its bold purple and black color scheme. Key components include a purple long-sleeve shirt, dark overalls with yellow buttons, a purple cap with a yellow 'Γ' (gamma) symbol, and white gloves with a 'Γ' symbol. Don't forget his dark blue shoes with pointed tips, and his large, pink nose.

To create Waluigi's cap, start with a plain purple baseball cap and add a yellow 'Γ' symbol to the front. For his mustache, you can use a fake mustache from a costume store or create one using black felt or face paint. Waluigi's mustache is thin and turns downward at the ends, which is distinct from Mario and Luigi's.

Use a pair of dark overalls, preferably in a deep purple or black. Attach or sew large yellow buttons onto the front where the straps meet the chest. If you can't find overalls in the right color, consider dyeing them or using fabric paint.

Accessories that can enhance your Waluigi costume include a tennis racket or a golf club, as Waluigi is known for his appearances in various Mario sports games. You can also carry around a stuffed or plush piranha plant, referencing the Mario game universe.

Including quotes from Waluigi can add character to your portrayal. Some of his notable lines and sounds include: "Waluigi time!," "Cheater!," "Everybody cheats!," "Wah! Waluigi!," and His iconic, mischievous cackle. These quotes and sounds capture Waluigi's playful yet villainous nature, making them perfect for enhancing your portrayal of this unique character from the "Super Mario" series.

About Waluigi

Waluigi is the evil version of Luigi from Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. franchise and is the partner of Mario’s evil alter ego, Wario. The two work together to scheme at ways to destroy Mario and Luigi. Waluigi started out as a character in Mario Tennis that a player had to face, but moved on to being a playable character himself in subsequent games. You can see Waluigi in Mario Kart, Mario Golf, and Mario Tennis.

As you can imagine, Walugi always has some kind of trick up his sleeve to stop Mario and Luigi from accomplishing their goals. He sets traps and steals things in an attempt to conquer everyone and everything. Waluigi has a crush on Princess Daisy, but she doesn’t have the same feelings toward him. This ultimately pushes him to be even more conniving! Take your pick to either be brave and face Waluigi yourself, or take a walk on the dark side and use him as your own character!


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