How to Dress Like Walter White

Graftobian Latex Bald Cap Kit
Dupont Yellow Tychem Qc Chemical Coveralls
Clear Rectangle Aviator Glasses
Short Sleeve White T-Shirt
SAS Full-face APR Respirator
Badness Beard
Working Hands PVC-Coated Glove
  1. Graftobian Latex Bald Cap Kit Check Price
  2. Dupont Yellow Chemical Coveralls Check Price
  3. Clear Rectangle Aviator Glasses Check Price
  4. Short Sleeve White T-Shirt Check Price
  5. Full-face Respirator Check Price
  6. Badness Beard Check Price
  7. Working Hands Gloves Check Price

Best Walter White Costume Guide

Walter White, the overqualified high school chemistry teacher switched his focus from grading papers to making meth in the award-winning TV show, Breaking Bad. When diagnosed with cancer, Walter became “Heisenberg” in the drug world. Match the look of the Breaking Bad actor with a Graftobian Latex Bald Cap Kit, Clear Rectangle Aviator Glasses, and Badness Beard. Dress up like the meth-making Walt with a Short Sleeve White T-Shirt, Dupont Yellow Chemical Coveralls, Full-face Respirator, and Working Hands Gloves.

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