How to Dress Like Walter “Heisenberg” White

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Black Fedora Hat
London Fog Black Golf Jacket
Bald Cap
Badness Beard
Clear Rectangle Aviator Glasses
Nautica Brown Leather Belt
Van Heusen Dark Green Oxford Shirt
DuPont Tychem Coverall
Blue Raspberry Rock Candy
Dockers Olive Grove Khaki Pant
Clarks Wallabee Boot

Best Walter "Heisenberg" White Halloween Costume Guide

Walter White is the main character on AMC’s critically acclaimed series, Breaking Bad. He’s a former high-school chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin. The show focuses on his transformation from a seemingly innocent person of society to a wanted criminal mastermind with his drug operation. Cosplaying Walter White’s “Heisenberg” alias has become a favorite look for costume parties and conventions.

To look the part, you’ll need a Bald Cap and Fake goatee beard. Next, dress up in a Dark Green Oxford Shirt and a London Fog Black Golf Jacket. To complete Walter White’s everyday wardrobe, wear Dockers Khaki Pants and a pair of Clarks Wallabee Boots. Finally, equip yourself with a Black Fedora Hat, Clear Rectangle Aviator Glasses, and a Brown Leather Belt. But we’re not quite finished with the costume yet! Protect yourself while making meth with DuPont Tychem Coveralls. And don’t forget your Blue Raspberry Rock Candy to look the part!

Walter "Heisenberg" White Cosplay Costumes

While Walter White might seem like a good person, he was inherently evil inside. So, if you’re looking for a cosplay which channels evil within you, Heisenberg will be a perfect fit. Finding all the necessary pieces for the costume is easy, except when you’re busy cooking.

But even if you’re a criminal overlord with your drug empire, you still have a few trustworthy people to have your back. So, gather your friends and ask them to dress up as their favorite Breaking Bad characters that star in the popular AMC show. Partner up with Gus Fring, Jesse Pinkman, and Saul Goodman to form the ultimate cosplay team. If you want, you can bring your family members like Skyler and Hank into the fold as well. Or, you can create your mashup with other popular TV shows like AMC’s The Walking Dead. For ideas and inspiration, take a look at the cosplay gallery. We many great costume guides you and your friends can use!

Walter "Heisenberg" White Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform yourself into Walter “Heisenberg” White Costume Guide with these helpful FAQs. Find all the essential information for dressing up as the infamous meth manufacturer and high school chemistry teacher turned drug lord from the popular TV series, “Breaking Bad.”

To dress like Walter in his Heisenberg persona, you'll need: • A black pork pie hat • Dark sunglasses with a rectangular frame • A black or dark green jacket or windbreaker • A button-up shirt (light-colored) • Khaki or beige pants • Black shoes or boots • A goatee beard

Walter White is distinguished by his bald head and goatee. If you're not already bald, you might consider wearing a bald cap. Shape your facial hair into a neat goatee or, if you don't have one, use makeup to create the appearance of one with a dark brown or black makeup pencil.

Walter White's Heisenberg persona is bald. If you're naturally bald, simply ensure your head is cleanly shaven. Otherwise, invest in a quality bald cap and apply it securely.

Walter White, as Heisenberg, has several iconic lines including: • "Say my name." • "I am the one who knocks!" • "You clearly don't know who you're talking to, so let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger."

For an added touch: • Carry a bag of blue crystal candy (to mimic the appearance of the blue meth he's famous for producing). Always ensure it's clear to others that it's just candy. • Use a prop of a stack of money, to signify the vast amounts he made from his drug operation. • A fake pistol could also be added, but exercise caution and always adhere to local laws and regulations regarding prop weapons in public spaces.

About Walter "Heisenberg" White

Walter White—high school chemistry teacher on the outside and drug kingpin on the inside. He’s one of the rare characters that goes through an unbelievably remarkable, yet evil, transformation. And the freaky part? We all can relate to him!

His story starts as a high-school chemistry teacher. But it’s when he’s diagnosed with cancer that the real story begins. His cancer motivates him to form a partnership with Jesse Pinkman, a former student of his. They together create and distribute the finest and purest meth on the planet. In fact, it’s so good, Walter White proudly claims it to be the “Coca-Cola” of meth. It’s irreplaceable.

But, things take a turn for the worst, as does with everyone who betrays their family. His character is great to cosplay because of that. While you can’t (and shouldn’t) become a drug lord, you can act his part with this unmistakable cosplay!


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