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Waldo Costume Guide
Men's Long Sleeves Cotton Stripe T-Shirt
Red White Long Beanie
Retro Nerd Style Round Shape Glass Frame
Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Slim Fit Chino
Genuine Leather Cross Body Messenger Bag
Wooden Walking Cane
Clarks Men's Desert Boot

Best Waldo Costume Guide

If you’re a reader looking for a distinctive book character to cosplay, we highly recommend Waldo from the popular seek and find books, “Where’s Waldo?” See our guide to find out how to pull off Waldo’s signature look! We suggest starting off with a Men’s Long Sleeves Cotton Stripe T-Shirt. A pair of Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Slim Fit Chino above some Clark Men’s Desert Boots will finish off the clothing portion of this cosplay outfit.

To cover Waldo’s accessories, we found a Red White Long Beanie, some Retro Nerd Style Round Shape Glass Frames, and a Genuine Leather Cross Body Messenger Bag. For added fun, we chose a Wooden Walking Cane to complete his look.

Waldo Cosplay Costumes

Choosing Waldo as your next cosplay character will surely make you stand out in any crowd. The most distinctive pieces of this outfit are his red and white striped shirt, his red and white beanie and his Harry Potter-like glasses, all of which can be found at a local costume shop or department store. Pairing jeans with his top is highly permissible. Add a messenger bag of any type and some brown boots to coordinate, and you’re Waldo!

If you’re a serious Waldo fan, you’ll know that there are more beloved characters from this book series to cosplay. Lady friend Wilma or her sister Wenda are options as well as Waldo’s nemesis, Odlaw. If you’re into pet cosplay, your dog can play the part of Waldo’s dog, Woof. Check out our featured pics for more ideas! We welcome your pics too so send them in!

About Waldo

This particular character doesn’t have much of a back story. Waldo is a book character with no real storyline. What we do know about Waldo is that he travels around the world and that he’s proficient in time travel and always dresses in red and white. The goal of readers is to find our wayward Waldo in any number of closely illustrated crowded scenes taking place in a variety of locations.

As interest in Waldo grew, the illustrators added more characters to the mix for readers to locate; his dogs, a pair of sisters as his friends, a nemesis, and even a cool wizard by the name of Whitebeard. To accommodate different territories, Waldo’s name was changed in different regions. While he did briefly star in his own television series and comic strip, he was best loved for his books. Despite his lack of history, Waldo is a beloved character with a distinctive style and wildly fun to cosplay.


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