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Voyd (who’s real name Karen Fields) is a young “wannabe” superhero who made her debut in the well-loved Disney Pixar animated film, The Incredibles 2. She’s part of a group of superhero wannabes who “audition” to be part of the real superheroes group. Voyd was invited by a man named Winston Deavor, the head of a world-class telecommunications company, to join in a growing campaign to legalize superheroes. Voyd’s dominant superpower is her ability to create portals. However, once Winston’s sister revealed her real objective, she placed Voyd under her control via HypnoGoggles.

You won’t need to travel through a portal to get this costume! Get the look of the hypnotized superhero with this Voyd costume guide. Begin with a Voyd costume and wear a pair of long gloves and boots. Finish off your look with an eye mask to hide your identity and a blue wig to get the exact look of Voyd.


Voyd Cosplay Costumes

Since the banning of Superheroes, Voyd was forced to hide her supernatural abilities from the rest of the world, just like the other known supers. This was very hard for her because she felt like she was denied the opportunity to be her true self. When Winston Deavor created the campaign to legalize Superheroes, Karen Fields felt like herself again and embrace the possibility of being a real superhero. Despite having these super powers, Voyd is actually at odds about how she feels about becoming a superhero. She feels both axious and nervous with Winston’s idea of bringing them back into the world.

You should have no doubts about the awesomeness of this costume! In fact, you should call your best friends over and plan to go as a group costume. Because along with your friends, you can dress up as other fan favorites of The IncrediblesElastigirl, Dash, Violet, or Frozone.

Voyd Costume Tips & FAQs

Join the exciting world of “The Incredibles 2” with our costume guide FAQ focused on Voyd, the enthusiastic and powerful superhero with the ability to create voids that allow her to teleport objects and people. Voyd’s character, with her distinctive look and awe-inspiring powers, offers a fantastic opportunity for cosplayers to explore the dynamic realm of modern superheroes. This guide is designed to help you capture the essence of Voyd’s costume, ensuring your portrayal is as authentic and engaging as her personality.

Voyd's superhero costume features a sleek bodysuit in shades of blue, with darker blue accents that highlight her body's contours and the location of her powers. The suit is complemented by a short, angular bob wig in a vibrant teal color, matching gloves, and goggles that cover her eyes, which are essential for her character as they help focus her void-creating abilities.

Start with a base bodysuit in a light blue color. Use fabric paint or sew on pieces of darker blue fabric to create the pattern that mimics Voyd's costume design, focusing on the swirls and angular lines that represent her powers. Pay attention to the details around the wrists and ankles, where the suit has distinct darker blue highlights.

Voyd's character is not just about her costume but also her demeanor and physical characteristics. Her short teal hair is a standout feature, so a wig styled in a modern, angular bob is crucial. Additionally, her goggles are not only a part of her costume but also a symbol of her powers. You can create these goggles using clear plastic for the lenses and craft foam for the frame, painted in matching shades of blue.

Beyond the costume itself, carrying a prop that resembles Voyd's void portals can add an exciting element to your cosplay. This could be a circular frame, painted with shades of blue and black to represent the portal, which you can hold or attach to your costume. Remember, the key is to convey the energy and dynamism of her abilities.

Bringing Voyd's character to life isn't just about the look; it's also about capturing her spirit. Here are some quotes that showcase her enthusiasm and admiration for the superhero community: "I just wanted to thank you for being you.," "I feel like I'm talking too much. Am I talking too much?," "This is my chance to do something. I mean, I've always wanted to do something.," "It's so amazing to meet you! I've followed your career for years!" and "You're the reason I have the courage to be who I am." These quotes capture Voyd's excitement and genuine admiration for her heroes, adding depth to your portrayal of her character.

About Voyd

Voyd’s primary ability is the power to create portals that enable her ability of dimensional teleportation. Voyd has the ability to divert and warp objects around her and “send” them elsewhere by creating voids that allow the objects to instantly appear and disappear. Thus, her superhero name! With this power, she can instantly transport objects (or people) to and from herself. Voyd can also avoid certain defenses (like Violet’s force-fields) or re-direct potential attacks. Her ability to create portals or wormholes makes Voyd a mighty superhero who is difficult to attack. She’s especially perfect for missions that require long-distance travel or quick escapes.

The only downside to her supernatural abilities is that they are highly dependent on her natural skills of sight and movement. This downside means that while the possibilities rendered by the idea of creating wormholes by choice are endless, the range and consistency of these wormholes are still dependent on what Voyd can physically see.


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