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Best Vincent Brooks Costume Guide

Vincent Brooks is the main character in the mature PS3 and Xbox 360 video game, Catherine. The computer coder with relatively little ambition in life, Vincent must choose between temptation and loyalty. But in this game, his actions have more dangerous consequences than he ever would have anticipated! Vincent’s story goes back to the timeless tale of being seduced by a mysterious woman that has an evil plan ulterior motive. Get the look of the lifelong bachelor with this Vincent Brooks costume guide.

Cosplay Vincent’s look with a Rave Vincent Brooks Shirt, Stretchy Casual Pants, Golf Jacket, Lace-Up Shoes, Genuine Leather Belt, and a pair of foam Ram Horns. Vincent’s situation may have looked like a great time, but it was definitely a complicated one.

Vincent Brooks Cosplay Costumes

Video game characters are popular in the cosplay world, and Vincent Brooks from the video game Catherine is no exception! Matching the look of the 32-year-old laid back programmer is easy enough. Vincent is like most guys, so it shouldn’t be too surprising if you already have some of the clothes you need in your closet. If not, here’s what you need to get his complete outfit before heading out to the Stray Sheep Bar.

Vincent is always wearing a Rave T-shirt, so start by wearing this shirt. Pull on a pair of casual stretchy pants with a leather belt. Put on a pair of lace-up shoes and slip on a gold jacket over your t-shirt. Carry a pair of foam ram horns to show off your true character. Cosplay as a group with other characters from the puzzle video game Catherine like girlfriend Katherine McBride and seductress Catherine.

Vincent Brooks Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the complex and surreal world of Vincent Brooks, the troubled protagonist from the video game “Catherine.” This costume guide FAQ is designed to help you capture Vincent’s distinctive style and the essence of his character, reflecting his internal struggles and the game’s unique narrative.

Vincent Brooks' outfit is casual and a bit disheveled, reflecting his troubled and indecisive nature. His signature look includes a white short-sleeve button-up shirt with blue stripes, brown casual pants (often rumpled), and his notable pink polka-dotted boxers, which are frequently visible due to his low-slung pants. He also wears a pair of brown loafers. Vincent's appearance is that of an everyday man caught in extraordinary circumstances.

Vincent has messy, unkempt blonde hair, giving him a perpetually frazzled appearance. To replicate his hairstyle, you might use a short blonde wig styled in a disordered manner or style your own hair to achieve a similar effect. His hair epitomizes his chaotic and confused state throughout the game.

Essential accessories for a Vincent Brooks costume include a pair of sheep's horns, which are a key element in the game's symbolism and appear in his nightmare sequences. Additionally, carrying a pillow or a plush sheep can be a nod to the game's dream sequences and themes.

Vincent is often portrayed as anxious and uncertain, with a tendency to scratch the back of his head in confusion or hold his phone in a worried manner. Adopting a posture of unease or contemplation, such as looking around apprehensively or having a pensive expression, can capture his character accurately.

To enhance the authenticity of your portrayal, consider using some of Vincent's memorable quotes: "I don't need to hear this right now...," "This is just a bad dream... Right?," "I've got to survive, no matter the cost!," "I never thought I'd be cheating in a relationship." and "What am I going to do with my life?." These quotes reflect Vincent's internal turmoil and the moral dilemmas he faces in the game, highlighting his complex character.

About Vincent Brooks

Vincent Brooks is the main character from the PS3 and Xbox 360 video game, Catherine. This video game is intriguing because it’s a mature puzzler video game. You don’t hear about games like these often, but this, in particular, is quite popular! Vincent avoids adult responsibility and does not want to grow out of his twenties. So, when his long-term girlfriend brings up the idea of marriage, he panics and goes out to the Stray Sheep Bar. He meets an attractive woman named Catherine, but he has no idea the trouble he is in.

Vincent has an affair with Catherine, but all the while is having horrible nightmares. Little to Vincent’s knowledge, Catherine is the one behind the nightmares and is trying to destroy more than his relationship with Katherine. Vincent must make the difficult choices between right, wrong, and his desires of being a bachelor forever.

Vincent Brooks

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