How to Dress Like Vincent Adultman

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Beige Trenchcoat
Blue Chinos
Black T-Shirt
Maroon Tape (for Hat)
Gray Fedora
Mannequin Hand
Black Velcro Shoes

Best Vincent Adultman Costume Guide

Vincent Adultman is a recurring character in the early seasons of the Netflix animated series, BoJack Horseman. We first meet Vincent in a bar. Here, Princess Carolyn flirts with him to make BoJack Horseman jealous. On a separate episode, Princess Carolyn sees a little kid who is the striking image of Vincent crossing the street. On that same day, the same kid goes to Princess Carolyn’s house to explain that he is actually the son of Vincent, named Kevin. But as is obvious to viewers, Kevin and Vincent are just one person, which is why they never appear in the same situation together. Get the look of the fake adult with this Vincent Adultman costume guide.

To dress like a kid pretending to be an adult, cosplay Vincent Adultman. For his outfit, you’ll need a Beige Trenchcoat, Grey Fedora, Maroon Tape for your hat, a Black T-Shirt, Blue Chinos, Black Velcro Shoes, a Broom, and a Mannequin Hand.

Vincent Adultman Cosplay Costumes

Like any kid trying to look like an adult, it’s obvious to anyone that the person Vincent Adultman is actually just three kids stacked on top of each other wearing a trench coat to look like an older adult. Vincent Adultman is a fun character to cosplay! When else can you dress up as a kid trying to dress up as an adult? This is definitely more fun than dressing up as another ordinary person. For Vincent’s look, you’ll need to start with the basics. Clothes easy to find or borrow—a black shirt, blue chinos, and black velcro shoes. These clothes reveal Vincent’s kid character. Throw a beige trench coat over top along with a maroon taped fedora hat to get that pretend-adult look. The last remaining crucial element to this look is the broom and mannequin hand to really look peculiar.

Cosplaying Vincent Adultman, you can invite your friends along to join you dressed up as other characters from the BoJack Horseman series. Your buddies can accompany you as BoJack Horseman himself, Diane Nguyen, Mr. Peanutbutter, and Todd Chavez.

Vincent Adultman Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the whimsically humorous world of Vincent Adultman from “BoJack Horseman.” Our tailored costume guide FAQ is here to help you recreate the unique and amusing appearance of this character, who is humorously portrayed as a child (or children) stacked in a trench coat to appear as an adult. Discover the essentials for crafting a Vincent Adultman costume that’s both comical and true to the show’s playful spirit.

Vincent Adultman's costume is characterized by its simplicity and comedic nature. The key component is an oversized trench coat, preferably in a shade of beige or light brown. Under the trench coat, use additional clothing or padding to create the illusion of multiple children stacked on top of each other. He also wears a pair of simple, plain trousers and shoes.

To mimic the appearance of multiple children, you can stuff the sleeves and upper part of the trench coat with lightweight materials to create bulk. Use gloves filled with stuffing at the end of the coat sleeves to represent hands. For the head, a broom or mop with a hat and sunglasses placed on top can be used to protrude from the coat collar, simulating a head.

Vincent Adultman wears a simple, nondescript baseball cap and a pair of basic sunglasses. These accessories are crucial as they add to the comedic effect of his character being an unconvincing adult disguise.

While Vincent Adultman's costume is relatively minimalistic, carrying a briefcase can add to the humor, as it emphasizes his attempt to appear as a regular adult going about his business. Additionally, holding a beverage (like a juice box) can add a playful touch.

To capture the essence of Vincent Adultman, use childishly simple and naive phrases like, "I did a business," or talk about adult tasks in a very basic and comical way. Mimic movements that suggest instability or awkwardness, as if multiple children are trying to coordinate inside one coat.

About Vincent Adultman

There are polarizing opinions from BoJack Horseman fans about Vincent Adultman. Some find it wildly funny and amusing that three kids were able to trick 40-year-old Princess Carolyn into dating Vincent. Others, however, find it downright creepy. The odd thing, it is just BoJack who sees Kevin and Vincent for who they really are: Three kids stacked on top of each other pretending to be an adult. It’s never explicitly said or revealed in the show if every viewer’s assumption, similar to BoJack’s, is correct.

As other characters see Vincent as an ordinary adult, some fans have theorized that Vincent is actually a metaphor and that he is shown to viewers how BoJack would see him. Fans of the show have pointed out that other characters may actually be seeing Vincent completely different because they’re not as cynical and distrusting as BoJack Horseman is.

Vincent Adultman

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