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Videl is a robust and intelligent fighter from the manga, Dragonball Z. She grew up learning martial arts and used her talents to help fight crime around the city. She’s a human who hasn’t seen many supernatural things in her life and finds the Saiyans to be quite fascinating. With her incredible strength and masterful fighting skills, Videl joins the group to look for the Dragon Balls.

Videl’s strength started at a young age, even before she learned to use Ki. She has a long list of attack moves and typically uses her opponent’s power against themselves in a fight, strategically countering the attacks. Although she has more strength than the average human, she never trained as much as the Z Warriors. So, she can’t be in a high-speed fight for very long. To get the look of Videl, you will need the following costume items—a Videl Wig, Yellow Hair Ties, Videl Costume, Rain Boots and Dragon Ball Costume.

Videl Cosplay Costumes

One of the good things about Videl’s look is that it’s easy to find many of the necessary pieces. If you’re wanting a quick last-minute costume, this is perfect as you really only need a few basic items like black shorts and a baggy white t-shirt. Add a pair of boots, black gloves, and pigtails and you’ll look the part in no time! Her hair is quite easy to do similar to Videl’s. To achieve her tall forehead and voluminous hairstyle, you will want to get a wig. That way, you can take time to style and tease it to your heart’s content without having to worry about damaging your own hair.

Don’t be fooled by her looks! Videl could take you out in a second if she wanted to. If you had a friend that could accompany to cosplay as Gohan, you could form an alliance that others would be foolish to mess with.

Videl Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the action-packed world of “Dragon Ball Z” with our costume guide FAQ dedicated to Videl, the fearless and determined daughter of Mr. Satan. This guide will assist you in recreating Videl’s iconic look, capturing her blend of martial arts expertise and youthful style.

Videl's outfit is a mix of practicality and style, reflecting her martial arts background. She is known for wearing a white tank top, black spandex shorts with white biker shorts underneath, and fingerless gloves. Her look is completed with black shoes and white socks. During her high school years, she also wears a red mini skirt, a red headband, and a yellow short-sleeve shirt over her tank top.

Videl is initially known for her long, straight black hair with side bangs and a small ponytail. Later, she cuts her hair short, which becomes a more defining look for her character. Depending on which version of Videl you want to portray, you can either let your long hair down with a small ponytail or wear a short black wig.

Videl's footwear consists of simple black martial arts shoes or sneakers. They are practical and allow for easy movement, reflecting her active lifestyle and combat training.

To complete your Videl costume, consider wearing a pair of fingerless gloves, similar to those she wears. Additionally, if you are portraying her high school look, a red headband and a small yellow bag would be perfect accessories.

Videl is a character known for her strong-willed and confident nature. Some memorable quotes include: "I don’t need my dad to help me! I can beat you myself!" and "I've been fighting crime around the city since I was a little girl. I can handle a few jabs and kicks." Practicing some of her fighting stances or martial arts poses can also add an authentic touch to your Videl costume. Her character is all about strength, determination, and resilience.

About Videl

Videl is a fictional character from the manga and anime series, Dragonball Z. She was born in Age 756 and started fighting from a young age. She always looked to her father for inspiration and hoped one day she’d be as good as him, not knowing she was already stronger. She meets Gohan upon arriving at Orange Star High School and becomes suspicious that he may be the Great Saiyaman. With her clever ways, Videl soon gets him to admit that he is in fact the famous fighter.

They continue to work together to stop crime and Videl joins his team to look for Dragon Balls. Through many ups and downs, Videl develops her fighting skills and her relationship with Gohan. She becomes his crime-fighting partner and takes the name the Great Saiyaman II, or Saiyawoman. They later get married and have a daughter named, Pan, who, like her parents is a strong-willed fighter. 


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