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Vergil is an antagonist from the popular Capcom video game Devil May Cry. He is part human, part demon, and the twin brother of devil hunter Dante. After the death of their mother, the two brothers went down separate paths. Vergil rejected his human side and embraced his demonic nature. His demonic nature made his thirst for power even stronger. Vergil embarked on a quest to obtain the power of his father, the all-powerful Sparda.

Vergil is an introverted and quiet man and has a cold and ruthless drive for power. He has a moral code as any warrior does. For example, he believes using firearms is considered cheap. Dante, his brother, is trying to protect humanity from the demons, while Vergil is trying to summon demonic power for himself. To get the look of Vergil, you will need a Vergil Costume, Fingerless Gloves, Black Boots, Katana Sword, and White Hair Wig. 

Vergil Cosplay Costumes

Vergil’s outfit is a symbolism of his thirst for Sparda’s power. His long blue coat with silver and gold trimmings are regal and gives him the look of having a taller stature. Though his clothes look fancy in Devil May Cry, they are practical for battle. But, with his strength, it’s not that he needs protection. The key to his outfit is the coloring. The dark color scheme of dark blues, greens, and blacks reflects his true nature. Even as he becomes more corrupt and his skin gets even paler, he sticks to these dark tones in his clothing. 

Vergil works alone most of the time, but it doesn’t mean you have to cosplay alone if dressed up as his character! You could have some other fans of Capcom’s Devil May Cry come dressed as different characters like Sparda, Dante, and Nero. Or you could dress as the demon side of Vergil while a friend dresses as the human half. There are so many ways to make this costume unique!

Vergil Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the stylish and supernatural world of “Devil May Cry” with our costume guide FAQ for Vergil, the enigmatic and powerful son of Sparda. Known for his cool demeanor and exceptional swordsmanship, Vergil’s attire is both elegant and functional, reflecting his status as a formidable demon hunter. This guide will help you recreate Vergil’s iconic look, perfect for portraying this complex and fan-favorite character.

Vergil's outfit is characterized by its sleek and sophisticated design. He wears a long, blue coat with three tails, silver buttons, and yellow lining, embodying his refined yet formidable nature. Underneath, he dons a dark blue vest, a white dress shirt, and black leather pants. The ensemble is completed with black boots and black leather gloves. Vergil also carries Yamato, his signature katana, which is an integral part of his character.

Vergil has slicked-back, white hair, a signature feature of his appearance. To achieve this look, you may use a white wig styled backward. Vergil's facial features are sharp, with a chiseled jawline and piercing blue eyes. He has a stoic and reserved expression, which is a hallmark of his character.

Vergil wears black leather boots that are both stylish and practical for combat. The boots have a slight heel and should be sleek and polished, complementing the overall elegance of his outfit.

The most critical accessory for a Vergil cosplay is a replica of Yamato, his katana. This sword has a unique and ornate design, and it's essential for capturing Vergil's essence as a skilled swordsman. Additionally, Vergil's half of the Perfect Amulet, a blue pendant necklace, adds a personal touch to his attire and represents his connection to his family legacy.

Vergil is known for his calm, collected demeanor and philosophical outlook. Some memorable quotes include: "Might controls everything. Without strength, you cannot protect anything. Let alone yourself." and "If you want it, then you'll have to take it. But you already knew that." Emulating Vergil's composed posture, precise and fluid sword movements, and his tendency to speak in a measured, confident tone will bring your costume to life. He's a character that combines elegance with deadly efficiency, making him a fascinating character to portray.

About Vergil

Vergil is a character from the Capcom Devil May Cry video game franchise has featured several different actors. He is the son of the demon Sparda and human Eva. His twin brother, Dante, and he went their separate ways after their mother died, each accepting a different part of themselves. Dante focused on his human side and concentrate on keeping the demons away, while Virgil rejected his human nature and embraced his demonic side. His main ambition was to obtain the power of Sparda by all means necessary. 

Vergil’s character becomes split into two halves. V is his human side that has a kinder, gentler nature. Urizen, however, is his demonic side and is the primary source of his hunger for power. Vergil’s demonic side gives him superhuman abilities and power. This power comes at the cost of taking away the small bit of love he holds in his heart.


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