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Victor Costume Guide
Men's Running Track Suit
Skate Helmet
Men's Running Track Pants
Vector Logo Sticker
Scotch Duct Tape
Bifocal Designer Reading Glasses
Puma Fashion Sneakers
Scented Fart Gun

Best Victor Costume Guide

Vector is a comical villain that appears in the Dreamworks movie, Despicable Me 2. The villain’s former first name was Victor which he discarded due to the fact that it was a “nerdy” name. Vector, as we know, is not. Vector Perkins is the son of the supervillain, Mr. Perkins, who owns the Bank of Evil. He made a name for himself by stealing the Great Pyramid of Giza. Get the look of Felonius Gru’s arch-enemy with this Vector costume guide.

Vector wears an orange jogging suit with a high collar. This suit is often mistaken by Agnes Gru as pajama pants. To cosplay Vector, the fun villain from the Despicable 2, wear a Men’s Running Track Suit and Skate Helmet. Then, wear the Men’s Running Track Pants. Slap on the Vector Logo Sticker with some Scotch Tape. Put on a pair of Bifocal Designer Reading Glasses and the awesome Puma Fashion Sneakers. Finally, equip yourself with the Scented Fart Gun while planning your next mission to become the evilest villain on the planet!

Victor Cosplay Costumes

Vector Perkins is an awesome villain from the hilarious Dreamworks movie Despicable Me 2. He isn’t serious at all, yet he poses quite a bit of danger. In his quest to become the evilest villain of them all, he is quite funny and childish as he easily gets offended and jealous. What makes him such a fun character to cosplay is his childlike tendencies and humorous nature. You’ll absolutely need an orange tracksuit to pull off his everyday look. And a pair of nerdy glasses.

Since you’re doing this fun cosplay, why not make it way better by going along with a few of your friends? They can dress up as their own favorite villains. Your friends can also dress up as characters from the Despicable Me franchise like the Minions, Felonius Gru, Agnes Gru, Edith Gru, Margo Gru, and Lucy Wilde to create the ultimate Despicable Me group cosplay. Don’t forget to send us a picture of your cosplay. We can’t wait to feature it here on the Vector cosplay guide.

About Victor

Vector Perkins from Despicable Me 2 is an ambitious little fellow who wears his signature orange jumpsuit. He is a scientific genius capable of creating some highly innovative weapons, most notable of which is his squid gun. He is the son of the owner of the Bank of Evil, Mr. Perkins. He is a masterful scientist and a mathematical genius. Yet, his behavior is childish. He gets angry very easily and is easily provoked.

His eccentricities include his love for cookies which deviates from the whole “I am evil” theme he’s got going on. In addition, Vector is also fascinated by sea life. He has a pet shark and has invented weapons such as the Piranha gun and the Squid launcher. He is also extremely rich thanks to his father’s ownership of the Bank of Evil. But even though their family is rich, they do not share a father and son bond. His father isn’t proud of his achievements and Vector himself is afraid to show his true self to his father.


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