How to Dress Like Vape Nation

Male Pop Culture
Spandex Bandana
Men's Crew Socks
Men's Go Green T-Shirt
Circle Flip Up Glasses
Lounge Pajama Pants
Bracelet Bangle Wristband
Black Comfort Slippers

Best Vape Nation Costume Guide

Vape Nation happens to be none other than a satirical comedy that is produced by H3h3 productions. The host, Ethan Klein, parodies the culture of vaping and all the things related to it. It has grown in popularity and has received an incredible amount of votes, shares, and views on social media. While many people may not exactly know who you’re dressed, the marijuana-leaf printed T-shirt and bandanna is a telltale sign what show is being featured. Get the look of the now popular stoner meme with this Vape Nation costume guide.

There are a few things you need first in order to complete this costume—a spandex bandana, a green t-shirt, circle flip-up glasses, pajama pants, crew socks, black slippers, and a bracelet bangle wristband to complete the book.

Vape Nation Cosplay Costumes

Finding the items you need to look like the Vape Nation parody shouldn’t prove difficult as most of the items you should have in daily use. If you can’t find some of these items in your own closet, you can always try borrowing what you need from a friend. If for some reason you cannot find the stoner specific items found in the videos, take a quick look online to get what you need to put together this cosplay without a hitch.

For a group costume, we recommend watching a few of H3h3’s Vape Nations videos in order to get an idea of what you can do for a group costume along with your friends. The videos may give you some inspiration for how to pull off the character perfectly. We’d love to see the Vape Nation costume you come up with so, feel free to send over a few photos of your costume to share to inspire others.

Vape Nation Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the humorous and satirical world of internet culture with our Vape Nation costume guide FAQ. Inspired by the popular meme that originated from a YouTube video by h3h3Productions, this guide will help you replicate the iconic and exaggerated look of the Vape Nation persona, a character that playfully mocks the vaping subculture. It’s a fun and recognizable outfit for those in the know, making it perfect for meme enthusiasts.

The Vape Nation outfit is characterized by a few distinct items. The centerpiece is a green hoodie or sweatshirt, often oversized, with the letters "VN" or the phrase "Vape Nation" prominently displayed. Pair this with cargo shorts and a bandana, preferably in a Rastafarian color scheme (red, yellow, green, and black). Don't forget a pair of dark sunglasses and a snapback or beanie hat. The outfit is often accessorized with a large, mock vaporizer to complete the Vape Nation look.

To nail the Vape Nation style, wear the green hoodie or sweatshirt with the hood up, and tie the Rastafarian-colored bandana around your mouth and nose. The cargo shorts should be casual and comfortable. Wear the snapback hat backward or a beanie hat slouched on your head, and keep the sunglasses on for an added cool factor.

For the Vape Nation costume, use a large, mock vaporizer as a prop. It should be exaggerated in size to fit the comedic and over-the-top nature of the persona. Ensure that the vaporizer is clearly a prop and non-functional, especially if you're attending a public event where vaping might not be allowed.

In addition to the core elements, you might add a peace sign necklace or bracelets to complement the laid-back, hippie-like vibe of the character. Carrying a sign with the "Vape Nation" symbol or phrase can also enhance the authenticity of your costume.

To fully embody the Vape Nation persona, use the iconic Vape Nation hand sign, which is similar to a peace sign but held in a way that forms a "V" and an "N." You can also use phrases like "Go green!" and "Vape Naysh, y'all!" to bring the character to life and add humor to your portrayal.

About Vape Nation

The first Vape Nation video was uploaded on March 21st, 2016 by H3h3productions in which Ethan Klein vaped while wearing a marijuana-leaf printed t-shirt and bandana. He also went around telling random people in the city “go green” and “vape nation” while the video plays an I’m Ethan Bradberry audio clip. The video quickly gained over 2.75 million views and 33,000 comments within a week which shows just how popular the idea of Vape Nation could become.

It was first spread by a Redditor, DemiPixel, who uploaded the video to the /r/videos subreddit and it quickly took off. Also, the official H3h3productions account, early on, posted a video of himself vaping outside the New York news station. Also, on March 21st, the Tumblr blog that was known as Ethan Klein’s double chin, posted an image of Klein dressed as the vaping character with the caption “so lit” which also rose in popularity very.

Vape Nation

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