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Best Vanessa Ives Costume Guide

If you’ve watched the Showtime’s horror show Penny Dreadful, then you know the character, Vanessa Ives. The lead character of the popular series, who is a witch, has a vast knowledge of the occult. She is mysterious, sensual, beautiful, dangerous, and full of secrets. Vanessa lends her supernatural gifts to Sir Malcolm Murray in an intense search for his missing daughter. Get the stunning look to battle the underworld forces with this Vanessa Ives costume guide.

Find everything you need to cosplay Vanessa Ives’ stylish outfit including a Victorian style wig, Rock Ball Earrings, a Victorian dress, a pea coat, and a pair of low heeled boots. Now you’re ready to rock this Evil Victorian style.

Vanessa Ives Cosplay Costumes

Finding all the necessary items for this Vanessa Ives costume shouldn’t prove to be too difficult by searching the right stores. Your first stops should be either a local thrift shop, for the Victorian style clothing, and a costume shop, for the wig. The seductive heroine appearing on Showtime’s Penny Dreadful proves that she a force to be reckoned with. She makes a convincing argument that her Victorian style is never out of style.

For group cosplay, have a few friends dress up as other characters from Penny Dreadful. Great costume options of other characters on the show would be Dorrian Gray, Sir Malcolm Murray, and even the Creature. Considering the subject matter of the show, you can also incorporate many popular, public domain characters like Count Dracula, Frankenstein, and Dr. Henry Jekyll.

Vanessa Ives Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the dark and mystical world of “Penny Dreadful” with our Vanessa Ives costume guide FAQ. As a character shrouded in mystery and endowed with powerful psychic abilities, Vanessa Ives captivates with her complex personality and Victorian-era style. This guide will assist you in recreating her elegant and haunting look, perfect for fans of the series and Gothic fashion enthusiasts.

Vanessa Ives' attire is quintessentially Victorian with a gothic twist. Key components include a long, fitted dress in dark colors like black or deep red, often with lace or velvet details. High necklines and long sleeves are typical of her style, reflecting the era's fashion. Corsets and bustles can be worn underneath to achieve the period's silhouette. Completing her attire are black, laced-up Victorian boots and sometimes a long, dark cloak or shawl for added drama.

Vanessa Ives sports a classic Victorian hairstyle – her hair is often styled in elegant updos, with soft curls framing the face. A wig can be used if your hair isn't long enough. Her makeup is typically minimal, emphasizing natural beauty, but with a focus on strong, dark eyebrows and occasionally a more dramatic eye for evening looks. Pale foundation and a hint of blush will complement the Victorian aesthetic.

Vanessa Ives wears Victorian-style boots, which are both elegant and practical. Look for black or dark-colored boots with lace-up details and a modest heel. These boots should extend up to mid-calf or higher, and can have subtle period-appropriate embellishments.

Key accessories for a Vanessa Ives costume include Victorian-style jewelry, such as cameo brooches, chokers, or intricate earrings. She is also seen with a silver crucifix necklace, which is significant to her character's storyline. Additionally, Vanessa occasionally carries a parasol or a small, vintage handbag.

Adding Vanessa Ives' quotes to your cosplay can bring an extra layer of depth to your portrayal. Here are a few: "There is some thing within us all.," "I have been touched by Satan.," "Beloved, know your master.," "Do not be amazed at anything you see, and don't be afraid." and "I walk in blood every step." These quotes capture Vanessa's mysterious nature, her inner turmoil, and her strength, reflecting the complexity of her character in "Penny Dreadful."

About Vanessa Ives

Vanessa Ives was born in the 1800’s to a Gordon and Clara Ives, a famously wealthy family. Her spiral into evil began as a child when she was possessed by an evil spirit. This event eventually led to the death of her mother. Sometime after, Vanessa spent a large amount of time with a witch named Joan Clayton, who taught her to be a Daywalker, a witch with considerable powers and knowledge of the occult. Vanessa is a clairvoyant, and a medium with large amounts of power. Her inner demons are real, and while powerful, she also carries huge burdens from her powers and her past.

While to mostVanessa Ives appears cold and uncaring, she is very capable of emotional ties and friendships. Vanessa is gifted in tarots and herbs, with her specialty being in Divination. She is also highly fluent in Verbis Diablo, also known as the Devils Tongue.

Vanessa Ives

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