How to Dress Like Vanellope Von Schweetz

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Women's French Terry Hoodie
Bunny Ears Bow Tie Wire Bendy Headband
Women's 3 Layered Ballerina Tutu
Girls Hair Bow Snap Hair Clips
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Women's Striped Tights
Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Shoe

Best Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume Guide

Hailing from the hills of Diet Cola Mountain and best friend to the title character, Vanellope Von Schweetz is the most adorable glitch in Disney’s animated movie Wreck-It-Ralph. While she is not known to be overly candy-coated, she does have a unique sense of style. Follow our guide to pull off her super sweet look.

We suggest a Women’s French Terry Hoodie to start and a Women’s Layered Ballerina Tutu. Underneath, we chose Women’s Striped Tights and Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes. As for her accessories, we went with a Bunny Ears BendyHeadband along with Girls Hair Bow Snap Hair Clips and Girls Hair Clip Barrettes.

Vanellope Von Schweetz Cosplay Costumes

Animated characters are fun to cosplay as they allow for creative license. Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph character, Vanellope Von Schweetz has a sugary sense of style that is easy to accomplish at any age. You’ll need a pale green hoodie to begin with, and either a brown tutu or skirt to represent the Reese’s cup wrappers she wears in the movie. As for her tights, printed leggings or even striped knee socks will account for her candy striped stockings. A pair of black, low top shoes will complete the clothing part of this costume.

Now on to her accessories! Vanellope wears her hair in a high ponytail, wrapped in red licorice. A to the corner store for some red licorice to tie around your ponytail will give you a more authentic look. Finish it off with a handful of tiny colorful barrettes and voila! You’re now Vanellope Von Schweetz! For group cosplay fun, include other major figures like Ralph himself or King Candy! Check out our featured pics for some style ideas. We welcome your pics as well!

Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the sugary world of “Sugar Rush” with our delightful costume guide FAQ for Vanellope Von Schweetz, the spirited racer from “Wreck-It Ralph.” Ideal for fans and cosplayers, this guide helps you capture Vanellope’s quirky and colorful style. From her candy-coated hair accessories to her mismatched attire, we provide the essentials for an authentic Vanellope ensemble.

Vanellope's outfit is playful and colorful, reflecting her energetic personality. Key elements include a mint green hoodie with two different colored sleeves, a brown pleated skirt that resembles the wrapper of a Reese's peanut butter cup, and striped leggings with a candy-like pattern. Her look is whimsical and mismatched, typical of her fun-loving character in the game world.

Vanellope has a high ponytail with candy pieces as hair accessories. To replicate this, tie your hair (or a wig) in a high ponytail and incorporate colorful hair clips or small candies (real or fake) into your hair. Her hair is black with streaks of candy colors, so you might want to add some colorful extensions or use temporary hair color.

Vanellope wears mismatched, colorful sneakers. You can either paint an old pair of sneakers with different colors and patterns or look for shoes that already have a vibrant and mismatched design. The key is to keep them playful and in line with her vibrant personality.

Essential accessories include her candy hair clips and a makeshift medal made from a gold wrapper and a chocolate candy bar, symbolizing her status in "Sugar Rush." You can create this medal using craft materials. Additionally, you can carry a small, racing-themed bag or pouch to complete the look.

Vanellope is known for her witty and cheeky remarks. Here are some memorable quotes: "I'm not a glitch, Taffyta. I just have pixlexia, okay?," "I'm gonna learn to drive, I'm gonna be a racer!," "As your merciful princess, I hereby decree that everyone who was ever mean to me shall be...executed.," "We are gonna get that medal back, and we are gonna race!" and "Hey, are you a hobo?." These quotes capture Vanellope's sassy, determined, and humorous nature, perfect for adding depth to your portrayal of her character.

About Vanellope Von Schweetz

Living all alone on the inside of Diet Cola Mountain, video game character, Vanellope Von Schweetz is sadly misunderstood and shunned by her fellow Sugar Rush racers. Technically, she is a glitch in the game and therefore unwelcome, but this doesn’t stop Vanellope from her determination to become a real racer. Due to years of mistreatment, she is disenchanted with life and has a prickly personality.

Seeing through her candy coated exterior, title character Ralph considers her to be his best friend. Vanellope is clever and determined to succeed. She is also forgiving and eager to make amends with her fellow racers which showcase her loving nature. Despite her ill treatment by others, she overcomes her obstacles and works herself to the place where she knows she belongs, front and center at all future races as a legitimate driver.

Vanellope Von Schweetz

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