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Best Valerie Da Vinci Costume Guide

Valerie Da Vinci plays a small part in the hit 2017 film, Despicable Me 3. However, her role occurs early in the movie and is an important one. We meet Valerie as the leader of the Anti-Villain League,  as Silas Rowbottom announces he will be retiring from his role. He introduces Valerie as the new leader, as he is pushed under the podium by the eager, power-hungry new head of the organization who can’t wait to have her moment in the spotlight.

Valerie Da Vinci may technically be on the same side as the films protagonists, Gru and Lucy, however, she instantly fires them from the Anti-Villain League and as such, becomes a sort of enemy to the pair. If you want to become Despicable Me 3’s funny little cheese lover, you’ll need to get yourself a Bombshell Wig, Nose Costume, Crewneck Solid T-Shirt, Knit Blazer, Bodycon Skirt and Dress Pumps Shoes.

Valerie Da Vinci Cosplay Costumes

Valerie Da Vinci only had a small part in Despicable Me 3, but it was an important one, as the person responsible for firing Gru and Lucy from the Anti-Villain League. Her skinny appearance, complete with huge blonde hair and over-sized nose makes her a hilarious character to cosplay, so why not try this power-hungry leader on for size today.

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Valerie Da Vinci Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the world of animated espionage with our Valerie Da Vinci costume guide FAQ. As the new, no-nonsense head of the Anti-Villain League in “Despicable Me 3,” Valerie Da Vinci is known for her sleek, stylish appearance and authoritative demeanor. This guide will assist you in capturing her distinctive look, perfect for fans of the movie looking to bring this animated character to life.

Valerie Da Vinci's outfit is a classic spy agency director ensemble. Key elements include a navy blue, form-fitting suit with a skirt, a white blouse with a high collar, and navy blue high heels. Her look is accessorized with a pearl necklace and matching pearl earrings. Don't forget her most notable feature: her large, round, dark sunglasses that add to her mysterious aura.

Valerie Da Vinci has a short, stylish bob hairstyle, typically in a dark brown or black color. If you don't have short hair, consider using a wig cut in a sleek bob style. The hair should be neat and well-groomed to match her polished appearance.

Valerie's makeup is professional and understated. Focus on a flawless foundation, a neutral or light pink lipstick, and subtle eye makeup. The emphasis should be on creating a polished, sophisticated look.

To enhance your Valerie Da Vinci costume, carry a pair of large, round, dark sunglasses, which are essential to her look. Additionally, a fake ID badge representing the Anti-Villain League would be a great touch, along with a small, elegant handbag.

While Valerie Da Vinci is more known for her actions than her words, embodying her character with a confident and authoritative attitude is key. Since she does not have many memorable quotes that are widely recognized, focus on her demeanor: assertive, poised, and with an air of superiority. You can mimic her by adopting a commanding tone, a straight posture, and using gestures that denote decisiveness and control.

About Valerie Da Vinci

Valerie Da Vinci is a secondary character in the hit 2017 movie Despicable Me 3, and Jenny Slate voices her. Characterized by her business attire, large blonde hair and over-sized nose, Valerie is motivated by her need to be powerful, which is evidenced by the way she pushes retiring Anti-Villain League leader Silas Rowbottom out of the way before he can even finish introducing her as the new leader.

Deciding that Gru and Lucy Wilde had failed in their attempts to apprehend super-villain Balthazar Bratt in Despicable Me 2, Valerie expels them from the Ant-Villain League without warning. Later in the film, while Gru is working with his brother Dru to try and retrieve a precious diamond from Balthazar Bratt, he dreams of the day when Valerie is forced to apologize for her behavior upon finding he has completed his mission.

Valerie Da Vinci

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