How to Dress Like Unity

Female TV Shows
Open Blazer
Women's Tank Top
L'Oreal Lipstick
Black Skirt
Wine Red Hair
Teal Body Paint
Pearl Earrings
Pearl Necklace
Square Framed Glasses
Black Heels

Best Unity Costume Guide

Unity is a group of alien avatars that make an appearance on the Cartoon Network show, Rick and Morty. Apparently, Rick Sanchez has been in a relationship with Unity before, and they end up rekindling their old flame. Unity is not a single person, but a group of people all acting under the control of one brain. Unity is a powerful entity that controls minds while taking the forms of multiple genders, races, and likely species. Get the look of the collective hivemind with this Unity costume guide.

Cosplay the newest member of the Unity group by painting your body with Teal Body Paint while wearing a Women’s Tank Top, Open Blazer, a Black Shirt, and Black Heels. Throw on a Wine Red Wig, some Square Framed Glasses, Pearl Earrings, Pearl Necklace, and some light pink Lipstick. Now all you have to do is give up your mind control to the leader of Unity.

Unity Cosplay Costumes

Every species in Unity looks alike, and we have all the pieces for the character look to join the union! To cosplay the look of Rick Sanchez’s former lover, make a stop at the local costume shop for some teal body paint to cover your entire body. Then, grab a wine colored wig for the hair color to match. You should be able to find a pair of fake glasses and a pearl necklace and earring combo pretty easily. Raid your own closet for a tank top, black skirt, blazer, and a pair of heels. Get as close to Unity’s appearance with light pink lipstick!

Obviously, you can’t dress as Unity alone, so bring a few sidekicks along to dress as other members of the collective hivemind from the animated show, Rick and Morty! As soon as you have your entire clan dressed and ready to go, send us a picture that we can feature in the Rick and Morty costume gallery!

Unity Costume Tips & FAQs

Explore the intriguing and complex character of Unity from “Rick and Morty” with our specialized costume guide FAQ. Unity, an enigmatic and powerful hive-mind character, presents a unique challenge for cosplayers. This guide aims to help you embody Unity’s distinctive appearance and essence, providing insights into creating a costume that captures the spirit of this character from the beloved animated series.

Unity's appearance, when in human form, is quite distinct. She typically appears as a female with short, bobbed blue hair and yellow eyes. Her outfit is simple yet striking, consisting of a white dress with a high collar. The key to portraying Unity lies in her facial features and her hair, which are unique to her character.

To mimic Unity's blue hair, a short blue wig styled in a bob cut is ideal. If you're willing to go the extra mile, temporary blue hair dye can be used on short hair. The vibrant blue color is essential to capture Unity's unique look.

Unity's makeup is minimal but focused on her distinct yellow eyes. Using yellow contact lenses will be pivotal in achieving her look. Keep the rest of the makeup simple and natural, with a light foundation and a neutral lip color to maintain the character's alien yet humanoid appearance.

Unity's costume is fairly minimalistic, so accessories aren't a primary focus. However, you can add a pair of simple white gloves and white shoes to complement the white dress. These additions help in maintaining the character's clean and unified appearance.

To fully embrace Unity's character, incorporating some of her memorable lines from the show can be impactful. Notable quotes include: "I am Unity. I am absorbing this entire planet for my purpose.," "Rick, we need to talk.," "We are not them.," "I'm sorry, Morty, it's hard to concentrate when you're talking." and "Goodbye, Rick." These quotes reflect Unity's complex personality, her hive-mind nature, and her relationship with Rick, adding depth and context to your portrayal of her character.

About Unity

Unity is a strong form of hivemind that can take control of anyone’s mind and body by possessing them. The alien form chooses both males and females, and is Rick’s former lover! When Rick and Unity cross paths once again, they start up right where they left off. Once Unity has encompassed a new member of the Unity group, they turn into a new version avatar that looks much like the rest, all having blue skin.

Unity’s main goal was to find new species to acquire enabling it to control as many life forms as possible. When Rick came back into the picture, Unity lost focus and eventually lost control of some of the species they were attempting to assimilate. In the end, Rick and Unity had to go their separate ways causing Rick to attempt suicide, but ultimately failing in his attempt.


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