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Kimmy Schmidt Sweater
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Best Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Costume Guide

The Netflix original series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt debuted the first season in 2015 by creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. After being rescued from a cult, the naive Kimmy Schmidt, portrayed by Ellie Kemper, adjusts to life in NYC! Though Kimmy has a positive attitude, she faces complicated moments that most adults know how to handle. As she restarts her life she befriends some interesting people along the way. Get the look of the non-typical New Yorker with this Kimmy Schmidt costume guide.

Dress up like Kimmy Schmidt with a Lolita Wig, Flower Pattern Floral Chiffon Blouse, Mid-Scoop T-shirt, Yellow Cardigan, Skinny Pants Stretch Cotton Jeggings, a pair of Mid Sneakers, and a JanSport Superbreak Backpack. We love her girly style!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Cosplay Costumes

Kimmy, from the Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, may have lived in a bunker for fifteen years, but she’s not shy when it comes to wearing bright, eye-catching clothes! Her costume is a great way to get your girly fill! The best place to begin looking for items for Kimmy’s costume is your own closet. Easy enough right? For the items you don’t own, especially Kimmy’s unique yellow cardigan, check out your local thrift shop! Items you may not have can be bought online or at a local costume shop, like the Red hair wig to match Kimmy Schmidt’s hair color. Everything else should be simple enough to find.

Kimmy’s costume is fantastic enough to stand alone, but if you’re not wanting to go solo, this look can easily be made into a group cosplay! Grab some friends to dress up like the actor Titus Andromedon, the street-wise landlady Lillian Kaushtupper, or socialite Jacqueline Voorhees that she nannies for! We want to see a picture of your completed look, send in a picture of your Kimmy Schmidt costume!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the vibrant and resilient spirit of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt from the hit TV series with our engaging costume guide FAQ. This section is designed to assist fans in replicating Kimmy’s unique, colorful, and upbeat style. Known for her bright and often quirky clothing choices that reflect her unbreakable optimism, we delve into the key elements of her wardrobe and how you can recreate her look to embody her cheerful and determined personality.

Kimmy Schmidt's signature style is all about bright colors and playful patterns. Key items include a brightly colored cardigan, a floral or patterned dress (preferably in pastel or vivid hues), and a pair of bright-colored sneakers or Mary Jane shoes. Accessorize with a small, colorful backpack and a plastic wristwatch to capture her quirky and youthful style.

Kimmy sports a shoulder-length, wavy hairstyle with bangs, often styled in a bright and bouncy manner. If your hair isn't similar, consider a wig that matches this description. For makeup, keep it simple and fresh, reflecting Kimmy's natural and optimistic persona. Think light foundation, a touch of blush, mascara, and a subtle lip color.

Look for dresses that are knee-length or slightly above, with floral prints, polka dots, or other playful patterns. Kimmy often wears dresses with a bit of a 90s vibe, so anything with bright colors and a fun, youthful cut will work well. Layering with a cardigan adds to her distinctive look.

Kimmy's accessories are as playful and colorful as her clothes. A small, quirky backpack in a bright color is a must-have. She also wears a yellow plastic wristwatch, which is a significant part of her character's story. Opt for accessories that are fun, youthful, and a bit whimsical to match her personality.

To bring Kimmy's character to life, consider using some of her optimistic and humorous quotes. Memorable lines include: "I'm not really a 'singing' kind of girl. I'm more of a 'get trapped by a cult and survive' kind of girl.," "I survived! I beat it! I won!," "I learned a long time ago that a person can stand just about anything for 10 seconds.," "You can stand anything for 10 seconds. Then you just start on a new 10 seconds." and "Life beats you up. You can either curl up in a ball and die or you can stand up and say, 'We're different, and you can't break us!'." These quotes reflect Kimmy's unyielding positivity, strength, and humorous outlook on life, making your portrayal more engaging and authentic.

About Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy Schmidt is the main character from the Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. When she was in eighth grade, Kimmy ran away from home because she got into an argument with her father over a miniskirt. While she was running around, Kimmy was abducted by Reverend Wayne! He abducted three other girls and kept them in his basement, telling them they were the only survivors of the apocalypse.

Fifteen years later, Kimmy and the girls were rescued from the bunker and were brought into the modern day world. After being interviewed on The Today Show, Kimmy decided to stay in New York and adjust to the fast paced city. Kimmy Schmidt, played by Ellie Kemper, still has the personality of a teenager who isn’t quite as mature as everyone else around her. Her journey is hilarious to watch!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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