How to Dress Like Ugly Betty

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Long Brown Wavy Wig
Red Frame Oval Glasses
Floral Button Down Shirt
Billy Bob Braces
Red Pull Over Sweater
Gold "B" Necklace
Plaid A-Line Skirt
Timex Leather Strap Watch
Yellow Hand Bag
Yellow Knee High Socks
Black Pumps

Best Ugly Betty Costume Guide

We could all learn something from Betty Suarez, the main character on the ABC show Ugly Betty, and that is you can’t judge someone by their outer appearance! Despite her crazy appearance, Betty, portrayed by America Ferrera, lands a job as an executive assistant at Mode, a trendy, high fashion magazine. Even though the previous employees that filled this positions were incredibly attractive women, Betty’s beautiful heart shines through her unattractive outer appearance making her the total catch. Get the look of Betty Suarez with this Ugly Betty costume guide.

Cosplay Ugly Betty who is known for her not-so-sexy style, which you can easily get yourself. Get the look with a Long Brown Wavy Wig, Floral Button Down Shirt, Red Pull Over Sweater, Plaid A-Line Skirt, Yellow Knee High Socks, and a pair of Black Pumps. Get all the ugly accessories you’ll need with a Yellow Hand Bag, Gold “B” Necklace, Red Frame Oval Glasses, Billy Bob Braces, and a Timex Black Leather Strap Watch.

Ugly Betty Cosplay Costumes

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on a fancy costume, but you still want a great look that is a worthy cosplay! Betty Suarez’s costume from the ABC series, Ugly Betty, is just that. The best part about this costume is that you more than likely already have a few of the items, so there’s no need to buy the entire costume. With this costume, you too will have a cult-like following.

Start recreating Ugly Betty’s look with some items in your closet. Grab a floral button down shirt and a red pull over sweater. You will need a plaid A-line skirt, solid color knee high socks, and a pair of black pumps. These are the clothes for your costume, now it’s time for the accessories. If you don’t have long brown hair like Betty, you will want to find a cheap wig similar to her style. Throw on a pair of plastic oval frame glasses, Billy Bob braces teeth, and a cheap Timex watch. Submit a picture of your Ugly Betty cosplay to add to the cosplay gallery.

Ugly Betty Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a fashionable transformation journey with our “Ugly Betty” costume guide FAQ. This guide is designed to help you recreate the iconic look of Betty Suarez, the beloved character from the hit TV series “Ugly Betty.” Known for her distinctive and colorful style, this guide will assist you in capturing the essence of Betty’s unique fashion sense, perfect for cosplay, themed parties, or tributes to this memorable character.

Betty Suarez is renowned for her eclectic, mix-and-match style. Key components include a colorful, patterned poncho, layered shirts (often with a quirky print), a bright, clashing skirt or trousers, and her signature red-rimmed glasses. Don't forget a pair of practical, yet unfashionable, sneakers or orthopedic shoes, and a large, vibrant handbag.

Betty typically sports long, wavy hair with blunt bangs, usually tied back with colorful headbands or clips. For makeup, keep it simple and natural, with a focus on a bright lip color, perhaps in a shade of pink or coral to match her vibrant wardrobe.

Essential accessories include her red-rimmed glasses, a variety of colorful headbands, and quirky jewelry pieces like large, colorful earrings or bracelets. These accessories are crucial in capturing Betty's unique style, which is bold and unapologetically individualistic.

A great prop to include would be a copy of "Mode" magazine, where Betty works in the series. This adds context to your costume and pays homage to her career ambitions and development throughout the show.

Betty has several memorable quotes that reflect her optimistic and determined personality. Including phrases like, “I am an attractive, intelligent, confident businesswoman,” or “You can take my bunny, but you can't take my spirit!” can really bring your costume to life. Remember, embodying Betty's positive attitude and resilience is key to an authentic portrayal.

About Ugly Betty

As soon as we all met Betty from the hit ABC show, we instantly fell in love. Her wit, intelligence, and work ethic gave us a character that we could all relate to. Ugly Betty isn’t really ugly, but she wasn’t the type girl that Daniel usually had working for him at Mode magazine. Daniel had a thing for beautiful women that would answer to his beck and call, but these women didn’t have the work ethic that made for a great assistant. As soon as Betty was hired to be Daniel’s new assistant, everything changed.

Betty, played by America Ferrera, worked hard, didn’t try to sleep with her boss, and showed us that you don’t have to be drop dead gorgeous to get ahead. Betty goes through some struggles during the four seasons Ugly Betty aired but proved she was a strong and successful woman that was perfect for her job. Since the show’s cancellation in 2010, Ugly Betty has gained a cult-like following.

Ugly Betty

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