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Best Two-Face Halloween Costume Guide

Two-Face is the DC Comics supervillain who is often seen as an adversary to Gotham City’s superhero, Batman. After a horrible accident, Harvey Dent who was Gotham City District Attorney was left permanently disfigured which drove him insane and causing him to adopt the Two-Face persona. Because of his circumstances, he decided on playing an evil game to decide the fate of others by flipping his coin. If you happen to land on the wrong side, well, you can expect that to be your final moment. Get the look of the disfigured supervillain with this Two-Face costume guide.

Before challenging Batman head-on, cosplay Harvey Dent’s look. Dress up in a Harvey Dent Costume, Two-Face Mask, Black and White Dress Shoes. Bring along a Revolver Gun as well as the signature Two-Face coin to make the all the important decisions.

Two-Face Cosplay Costumes

If you’re looking to cosplay the DC Comics villain, Two-Face, you’re going to need a few key pieces to put the costume together. Harvey Dent’s persona has quite the appearance following the horrific accident that left half of his body disfigured. This costume happens to be great for group cosplay with your friends. Two-Face happens to be one of the most notorious villains in the DC Comics universe so, it would best to get a friend willing to dress up as The Dark Knight. You can also grab a few friends and have them dress up as other villains like Catwoman, Joker, Poison Ivy, and The Riddler.

With the unique costume that shows both sides of Harvey Dent, you’ll definitely have a standout look for Halloween or any cosplay event. Most people will know immediately who you are with just a glance, especially if you come up with something really creative! Send in a few photos of your Two-Face costume so it can be featured for other DC Comics fans to see!

About Two-Face

Harvey Dent knows the ins and outs of the law especially as it concerns Gotham City. The once renowned District Attorney representing the city of Gotham, Dent was a close ally of Batman, but a terrible incident changed that. One night, Sal “Boss” Maroni threw acid into Dent’s face following a court trial which permanently disfigured him and twisted his mind. Because of this incident, his mind broke which caused him adapt the Two-Face persona that is a schizoid criminal mastermind in the DC Comics universe.

An important part of Two-Face is the two-sided coin that he has always carried around as a good luck charm. One side of the coin is defaced which reflects the scarred side of his personality. He uses the coin to choose the fate of his victims to decide whether they should live or die. Dent also happens to be quite fixated on the idea of chance which is shown in the actions of his crimes.


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