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Best Twisty Costume Guide

Twisty the Clown is a special kind of serial killer from the FX show American Horror Story. Shortly after he was born, he was literally dropped on his head which led to him having a minor mental disability. Later in life, he tried to kill himself which left him with a horribly disfigured face almost with a zombie like appearance. He covers his disfigurement with a grinning prosthetic mask which was no less horrifying than the actual appearance of face. It is highly likely that he doesn’t understand what he’s doing is wrong. Get the complete look of Twisty the Clown with this costume guide.

To cosplay Twisty and scare the hell out of your friends, wear the frightening Twisty the Clown Mask. Next, wear the Twisty the Clown Costume. Get hold of a fake rose so you can pretend to be a caring person. After that, wear the terrifying Half Finger White Gloves. Equip the Sirius Training Club to mash the brains of unsuspecting victims. Finally, have a Pint of Blood with you at all time because you’re a serial killer, remember?

Twisty Cosplay Costumes

Twisty the Clown is terrifying and easily misunderstood. He cares for people or at least thinks he does. But who in their right mind would want to be with a person who has half of his face blown off, wears a creepy prosthetic mask, and kills others in the instant he finds himself in a bad mood? That’s right, no one.

And that’s probably what makes him so terrifying and the reason why you should cosplay him. But don’t stop there. Ask your friends to join you and tell them to dress up as their own favorite serial killers. Additional cosplay options are Freddy Kreuger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and many others. One serial killer is bad enough, but a whole group of them!? You’ll be scaring people out of their skin, especially during Halloween. And after you’ve dressed up, don’t forget to submit a picture of your final cosplay. We’d to post and share these thrilling photos!

Twisty Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the chilling world of “American Horror Story” with our costume guide FAQ for Twisty the Clown, one of the most terrifying and iconic characters from the series. Known for his gruesome appearance and unsettling demeanor, Twisty’s costume is not for the faint of heart. This guide will help you recreate his nightmarish look, capturing the essence of his character’s horror and mystery.

Twisty the Clown's costume is characterized by its eerie, dilapidated appearance. Key components include a dirty, white clown suit with puffed sleeves and ruffled accents, often stained or bloodied. His outfit is completed with large, mismatched buttons and a wide, ruffled collar. The most distinctive feature is his horrifying clown mask, covering his disfigured mouth, with a wide, sinister grin and sunken eyes.

Replicating Twisty's mask is central to the costume. You can either purchase a replica mask or create one using papier-mâché or latex, painted white with a disturbingly wide red smile and dark, hollow eyes. For the exposed upper part of the face, use white face paint and accentuate the eyes with dark, exaggerated circles to match the mask's eerie expression.

Twisty wears large, worn-out clown shoes, typically in a faded red or brown color. These should look oversized and tattered, adding to the creepy, unkempt appearance. For gloves, opt for white, fingerless gloves that are dirty or blood-stained, consistent with the rest of the costume's distressing look.

Adding details like fake blood stains, dirt, and strategic tears to the clown suit can significantly enhance the authenticity of the costume. Consider carrying a small, old-fashioned clown bag or a mock weapon, such as a blunt prop knife or a rubber mallet, to further embody Twisty's menacing persona.

Twisty the Clown is more about actions and presence than spoken words. His most memorable aspects include his silent, menacing stare, his slow, deliberate movements, and his sudden, unpredictable actions. Mimicking his eerie silence and unexpected gestures will significantly enhance your portrayal. Since he doesn't speak much, focus on embodying his physical presence and terrifying demeanor to create a truly impactful costume experience.

About Twisty

Twisty the Clown had a tragic accident when he was just a baby. He was dropped on the head and suffered a minor mental disability as a result. But as time passed it brought quite a bit of change into his thinking. He used to work as a clown until one day, the carnival freaks decided to dishonor him because he was doing such a good job entertaining people. Alas, people began to say he molested children which weren’t true.

He was fired and was unable to find work. Any effort to sell his whirligigs were rejected because people knew of his rumors of child molestation and rage. In despair, he tried killing himself with a shotgun but only managed to disfigure his face. Now, on the FX show American Horror Story, he kidnaps children and thinks he is saving them from their cruel, candy denying parents. He kills both adults and children and has proven himself to be a complete savage!


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