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Tuxedo Mask is the civilian identity of Mamoru Chiba in the Japanese anime series, Sailor Moon. He is the present-day incarnation of Prince Endymion, who ruled the Golden Kingdom of Earth. The prince died during the battle of his kingdom and the Silver Millennium. He was reincarnated and reborn on Earth as Mamoru Chiba. He is also the love interest of the series’ main protagonist, Sailor Moon (known as Usagi Tsukino). As Tuxedo Mask, Mamoru Chiba helped Sailor Moon in battle. Usagi developed a crush for Tuxedo Mask; during this time, though she didn’t know about his civilian identity. Devoid of his memories, Mamoru is on a mission to know his identity by finding the Silver Crystal, the reason for his rebirth.

Look every bit like Tuxedo Mask to support the Sailor Soldiers and as the primary love interest Sailor Moon. Get in the proper disguise with a Tuxedo Mask Costume, Top Hat, Harlequin Mask, Black Dress Shoes, and Short Black Wig. Complete the look with our Fake Rose and Magician’s Wand.

Tuxedo Mask Cosplay Costumes

Tuxedo Mask is a handsome hero with black hair and blue eyes who appears in Sailor Moon. In this identity, he wears a formal black tuxedo complete with a top hat and a black cape with a distinct red lining. A small white mask covers his face and he carries a red rose that he throws at his enemies. His other primary accessory is a black cane. When portraying Mamoru Chiba, he usually wears a simple black turtleneck shirt, a green sweater jacket, and pants that are a light purple shade. He wears a rather simple pair of black loafers. As Prince Endymion, he dresses in a suit that consists of a long-sleeved shirt, vest, pants, and kneelet—all blue. A red cape and silver belt complete Prince Endymion’s typical wardrobe.

Dressing up as Tuxedo Mask is relatively easy as the tuxedo is the majority of the costume! However, there are a few key accessories that are essential to match the look of Mamoru Chiba’s persona in Sailor Moon. When dressing up, you can have an acquaintance join you dressed as Usagi Tsukino persona for the perfect couples cosplay.

Tuxedo Mask Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the romantic and mysterious allure of Tuxedo Mask from the iconic anime “Sailor Moon” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Known for his dashing appearance and heroic persona, Tuxedo Mask’s outfit is a symbol of elegance and mystery. This guide will help you capture the essence of his character, ideal for fans looking to embody the enigmatic protector in cosplay events.

Tuxedo Mask's costume is quintessentially elegant and sophisticated, reflecting his role as a gallant hero. The outfit includes a classic black tuxedo with a white dress shirt, a black bow tie, and a cummerbund. His look is completed with a flowing white cape, a top hat, and a pair of white gloves. The ensemble exudes charm and charisma, befitting his character's persona.

Tuxedo Mask is known for his short, neatly styled black hair and the iconic white mask that covers the upper half of his face. To replicate his hair, aim for a tidy, slicked-back look. For the mask, you can either purchase a white masquerade mask or create one yourself using craft materials, ensuring it fits comfortably and maintains the mysterious aura of his character.

The ideal footwear for a Tuxedo Mask costume is a pair of classic black dress shoes, preferably with a polished finish. These shoes should complement the elegance of the tuxedo and add to the overall sophistication of the character.

To enhance the authenticity of your Tuxedo Mask cosplay, consider including a red rose, his signature prop. He is often depicted throwing or holding a red rose, symbolizing his romantic and mysterious nature. You may also carry a cane as an additional accessory, aligning with his stylish and gentlemanly appearance.

Incorporating Tuxedo Mask's memorable quotes can add depth to your cosplay. Some of his iconic lines include: "I am Tuxedo Mask, and I fight for love and justice.," "Believe in yourself and nothing can defeat you.," "A beautiful flower is nothing without its thorns.," "I will always be there to protect you." and "Love is not a weakness, but a strength." These quotes capture the essence of Tuxedo Mask's character: his commitment to love, justice, and the protection of others. Using them in your portrayal will bring an extra layer of authenticity and charm to your costume.

About Tuxedo Mask

Prince Endymion died while protecting Queen Serenity’s kingdom from the evil Queen Beryl. He lost his memories when he was reborn as Mamoru Chiba and now the only way to get them back is to find the Silver Crystal. His memories were restored when he was able to collect the fragments of the crystal. But, he lost it again during another fight with Queen Beryl when resurrected for the second time. Mamoru Chiba became the Moonlight Knight when he regained his memories again. Then, he and Usagi Tsukino officially became a couple.

Later on, he became mad because of Queen Nehelenia’s broken mirror. As a piece accidentally got into his right eye. He was later imprisoned in Nehellenia’s castle. After he was rescued, Mamoru decides to go to America to study at Harvard. His plane “exploded,” but in reality, it was teleported into the domain of Galaxia. In the Sailor Moon series’ 200th episode, Mamoru was revived and was reunited with Usagi once again.

Tuxedo Mask

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