How to Dress Like Turbo K.O.

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Brown Mullet Wig
Blue Vest
White Tank Top
Purple Eye Shadow
Purple Spike Bracelet
Black Short Tights
Pink Leg Warmers

Best Turbo K.O. Costume Guide

Turbo K.O., also known simply as K.O., is anger sealed within K.O.’s subconscious as a shadowy manifestation. He’s a somewhat evil person that has a similar appearance to K.O.. He does have a pretty cool look. His dark personality is displayed quite well with T.K.O’s darker eyes and longer hair. Though the exact level of his power is not known, T.K.O. is thought to be incredibly powerful and can take on nearly anyone who gets in his way. Get the alter ego of K.O. from the Cartoon Network show OK K.O.! with this T.K.O. costume guide.

To cosplay T.K.O.’s evil look, you’ll need a few items to pull off this menacing character. Grab a Brown Mullet Wig that can be slicked back, White Tank Top, Black Short Tights, Pink Leg Warmers, Blue Vest, Purple Spike Bracelet, and dark purple eyeshadow.

Turbo K.O. Cosplay Costumes

You’ll need to swap out a few key items to pull off evil look of of K.O.. Lose his signature red headband and replace it with spiky purple bracelets and dark purple eyeshadow. The rest of the costume has a similar look to the outfit that K.O. typically wears on the show OK K.O.!. Just like the look, Turbo’s attitude is the opposite of K.O.—unhappy, selfish, and angry.

If you’re interested in a group cosplay that incorporates Turbo, you will need to find a few friends that are willing to dress as Enid and Radicles. The only difference from the K.O. group cosplay is that instead of fighting alongside K.O., Turbo K.O. will fighting them head on. You show no mercy when fighting other people so, you can’t show any to your friends either. Just make sure to send over a few photos to Costume Wall to ensure your Turbo K.O. cosplay can be featured in the cosplay gallery!

Turbo K.O. Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the powerful and enigmatic persona of Turbo K.O. from “OK K.O.!” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Turbo K.O., an alternate, more aggressive version of the main character K.O., presents a unique and exciting costume opportunity. This guide will assist you in capturing the essence of Turbo K.O.’s darker and more intense style, making for a standout portrayal of this intriguing character.

Turbo K.O.'s costume is a more intense and edgier version of K.O.'s regular outfit. The key components include a dark sleeveless top, similar to K.O.'s but with a more rugged and torn appearance, and dark pants. Turbo K.O.'s most distinctive feature is his red and black eyes, which can be replicated with contact lenses and makeup. His hair is also more wild and unkempt, reflecting his more aggressive nature. Add a pair of dark gloves and boots to complete the look.

To replicate Turbo K.O.'s wild hairstyle, use a wig or style your hair to be spiky and untamed. For his unique eye appearance, consider using red and black contact lenses. Additionally, use makeup to create dark, intense shadows around the eyes, enhancing the fierce and powerful look of the character.

Key accessories for a Turbo K.O. costume include a pair of dark gloves and boots, enhancing his tough and battle-ready appearance. You may also consider including props that represent his powers, like faux energy blasts or gauntlets, to add to the costume's impact.

Yes, you can create a DIY version of Turbo K.O.'s top. Start with a basic dark sleeveless shirt. To mimic the rugged and torn appearance, carefully make small cuts or tears in the shirt. You can use sandpaper or a wire brush to fray the edges and create a worn look. Be sure to do this in a controlled and safe manner.

Including quotes or catchphrases from Turbo K.O. can bring depth to your portrayal. Some memorable lines include: "I'm not K.O., I'm T.K.O.!," "You think you can control me? I'm not so easy to put back in the box.," "I'm the bad guy now.," "You're looking at the new and improved K.O.!" and "I don't need anyone. I'm powerful all on my own." These quotes reflect Turbo K.O.'s more rebellious and powerful nature, as well as his struggle with his identity, making them great for adding an edge to your character portrayal at events or parties.

About Turbo K.O.

Turbo K.O. happens to be K.O.’s anger sealed within his subconscious on the animated superhero show OK K.O.!. The alter ego first appeared on the episode “Face Your Fears” as a shadowy version of the main character K.O.. As the exact opposite of K.O., Turbo is an all-around unhappy person with no desire to do anything with friends or family. He simply wants to cause destruction and accumulate as much power as possible by causing chaos.

Turbo shows no mercy when he fights others, especially his friends and family. He instead shows disdain towards them as he destroys the plaza. Luckily K.O. was able to get back in control when he was destroying the plaza or else he would have killed his own mother. Turbo is a very strong character who is able to float, teleport, and use super speed. The exact level of his power is unknown, but he has definitely shown how powerful he can be.

Turbo K.O.

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