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Infinity Train is a show about a 12-year-old girl named Tulip who is trying to find a way home. With the help of her friend One-One, she works through an infinite train with limitless possibilities in each car. It was originally going to be a miniseries, but it was quickly given the green light for a full show. 

 Tulip Olsen is a smart and kind girl. She can get frustrated when things don’t go her way and can be seen as selfish, but she’s there when it counts. Her main reason for being focused on her own goals is because she really wants to escape the train and get back to her normal life, but this is harder than you might think. Explore the unending train as Tulip Olsen with a Long Straight Wig, Metal Frame Eyeglasses, Zip-Up Hoodies, Waistband Skirt, 3-Quarter Tights, Winter Boot and Canvas Backpack.

Tulip Olsen Cosplay Costumes

The main character of Infinity Train is meant to be seen as your everyday girl. She’s someone people can look up to and relate to. Before she got on the train, she did have a normal life, and she probably wasn’t planning to find herself on a long-term adventure when she got on the Infinity Train. This means her look is just a normal and comfy outfit.

The costume has simple to find pieces, which makes it easier for you to get your hands on. The block colors and bold red hair make this character’s look unique and stand out. There are some smaller details you could add too, like the glowing number on her hand and her notebook, but it can work just as is. 

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Tulip Olsen Costume Tips & FAQs

Delve into the imaginative world of “Infinity Train” with our costume guide FAQ for Tulip Olsen, the intelligent and resourceful protagonist of this captivating series. Tulip’s look is simple yet iconic, reflecting her adventurous spirit and the mysterious journey she undertakes. This guide will help you capture her essence and style, perfect for fans who wish to embody this beloved character.

Tulip's outfit is recognizable and straightforward. It consists of a green hoodie, denim jeans, and a pair of white sneakers. The hoodie is a distinctive shade of green and is often zipped up halfway. For added authenticity, you can also include her digital wristwatch, which is a significant part of her character in the show.

Tulip has short, auburn hair with a distinctive, slightly asymmetrical cut. To recreate her look, you might consider a wig if you don't have similar hair. The hair should be styled in a casual, slightly tousled manner to reflect Tulip's adventurous and often spontaneous nature.

Besides her green hoodie and jeans, Tulip's most notable accessory is her digital wristwatch, which is pivotal to the plot of "Infinity Train." She also wears a small, simple backpack, which is practical for her journey on the train. Including these items will make your costume more faithful to the character.

Tulip's backpack is a basic, small-size backpack suitable for hiking or day trips. It's a neutral color, like gray or black, and is not overly bulky. Choose a backpack that is simple in design and functional, as it reflects Tulip's practical and no-nonsense attitude.

To truly embody Tulip's character, consider using some of her memorable quotes: "I need to figure this out. I've been stuck here for a week. You think this is a joke?," "I'm the literate one in this relationship.," "That's the thing about reflection. It's not real. It's just a reflection.," "I am the conductor of my own life.," and "Every new car is a new adventure. I mean, it's dangerous and terrifying, but it's also exciting." These quotes capture Tulip's analytical mind, her determination, and her journey of self-discovery throughout the series.

About Tulip Olsen

Tulip Olsen is voiced by Ashley Johnson in the animated series Infinity Train. When she was younger, she loved going on roadtrips with her parents and has a lot of fond memories of singing in the car with them. After some time, her parents started arguing more and more until it became clear that they were going to get divorced. Tulip shuts her feelings off from this distressing part of her life and isolates herself. 

She then finds herself on the Infinity Train. It appears to be a never ending train that Tulip has to work through in order to get off. Being the bright kid she is, she’s able to get through them fairly quickly, but the longer she stays on the train, the more agitated she gets. All she wants are answers and to escape the train, but she can’t seem to figure out anything! Maybe with the help of the robot One-One and her other friends she’ll find a way out.

Tulip Olsen

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