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Best Troy Bolton Halloween Costume Guide

Get ready to cheer for East High Wildcats’ basketball team when you meet Troy Bolton, the male protagonist of Disney Channel’s High School Musical Trilogy. During a ski vacation, he met his love interest, Gabriella Montez, at an impromptu karaoke where they did a duet. He surprisingly reunited with her at East High after she moved. The student body, especially his best friend, Chad, with pressure from his coach, who’s also his dad, expects him to lead the team to victory. Throughout the sequels, Troy and Gabriella went through ups and downs trying to pursue what they love all while trying to save their love for each other.

Get the look of East High’s Golden Boy, with this Troy Bolton costume guide. Dress up like Troy in casual clothes with a Blue T-shirt, Green Track Jacket, Blue Jeans, Navy Sneakers, Brown Hair Wig and don’t forget to bring the Basketball.

Troy Bolton Cosplay Costumes

“Wildcats, Sing along Yeah you got it going on!,” All cheers to the captain of the basketball team, Troy Bolton, the pride and honor of East High’s Wildcats. Get your Troy game going with some simple garments that you can find in your closet to match up to his style. He’s got the basic jock style, if not in his basketball uniform or varsity jacket. Troy in normal clothes, wears the basic t-shirt over jeans, sneakers, and the usual varsity jacket which is a staple for sports guys. If you’re already blonde, then you’re close enough to get that Troy Bolton vibe. If not, get a Justin Bieber inspired blonde wig to complete the whole look.

Cast your friends as your Wildcats team when cosplaying Troy Bolton from Disney’s High School Musical, with Chad, Gabriela, and the rest of the main casts of HSM—Taylor, Ryan, and Sharpay for the cosplay of the year.

About Troy Bolton

Troy Bolton is the captain of East High School’s basketball and is one of the most popular students on campus, earning him the title—The Golden Boy. At first glance, you can tell that he’s the jock type, particularly interested in sports like basketball. Although popular, he is big-hearted, outgoing, loyal, and friendly, as well as the sweetest to his girlfriend, Gabriella Montez. They met at a ski lodge on New Year’s Eve, which was love at first sight for Troy, and they got reunited when Gabriella moved to Albuquerque.

When he got into singing with Gabriela, he hid it from his friends and father in fear of judgment. But then eventually, everybody knew of Troy’s love of singing aside from basketball and he and Gabi got into callbacks. Throughout the trilogy, they had a loving relationship despite the challenges they went through together.

Troy Bolton

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