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Best Triss Merigold Costume Guide

Triss Merigold of Maribor appears in the video game and Netflix series, The Witcher, a fantasy drama franchise that takes a darker look at the capabilities of magic. Many battles occur in the series’ world, all to ultimately attempt to gain power. Allies may shift, and enemies may be found along the way. Triss Merigold is from Maribor and is a respected and powerful Temerian sorceress. She is invested in the politics of the rulers and earned the name Merigold the Fearless. She is part of King Foltest’s council and became part of the Lodge of Sorceresses.

Triss’ powers focus on healing others, and she often carries healing potions with her in case anyone needs it. Get the look of the Temerian sorceress with this Triss Merigold costume guide. To get the look of this powerful mage, you’re going to need a Long Red Wig, Triss Merigold Costume, Triss Medallion, Combat Boots, and Hooded Cloak.

Triss Merigold Cosplay Costumes

The video game version of The Witcher attempts to take the details of each character from the corresponding novels. The developers may change a few things here and there, but ultimately try and represent them the way the author initially chose. Triss Merigold’s outfit is a little different than her friend Yennefer’s. It has much more color and looks considerably more regal. Her clothing is a good representation of her status and where she fits into the empire but doesn’t define her alliance. 

We know you’ll be intimidating on your own, but where’s the fun in that? Get your friends involved and make your costume into a group cosplay. With other characters like Yenefer, Geralt, or Ciri would work well with you at the party! With all your magical abilities, no one will dare to try and cross you!

Triss Merigold Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a journey into the world of “The Witcher” by portraying Triss Merigold, the compassionate and brave sorceress known for her fiery red hair and her deep sense of loyalty. Our costume guide FAQ is designed to help you capture Triss’s enchanting look, blending her magical prowess with her warm personality. We’ll cover your questions about recreating her distinctive attire and embodying her kind-hearted spirit.

Triss Merigold's attire is both elegant and functional, reflecting her role as a powerful sorceress. Essential components include a green or blue medieval-style dress with long sleeves and intricate lacing or embroidery, a corset or bodice for a fitted look, and leather bracers or gloves. Her costume is often completed with knee-high leather boots. Triss's signature long, wavy red hair is a defining feature, often styled loosely around her shoulders.

Triss is renowned for her striking red hair. Use a long, wavy red wig or dye your hair a similar shade of red to mimic her look. For makeup, focus on a natural look with a bit of emphasis on the eyes. Use earthy tones for eyeshadow and a touch of mascara, keeping the makeup understated yet elegant.

The material for Triss's dress should be rich and comfortable, like velvet, brocade, or a heavy cotton blend, in shades of green or blue. The corset or bodice can be made from leather or a sturdy fabric that mimics leather, with details such as lacing or embroidery to add to the medieval-inspired style.

Key details for a Triss costume include her leather bracers or gloves, which add to her sorceress persona. Her knee-high leather boots should be practical yet stylish. As a prop, you might consider a small pouch of alchemical herbs or a prop magical amulet, reminiscent of the magical items Triss would use in her sorcery.

To bring authenticity to your Triss Merigold cosplay, consider using some of her memorable quotes: "I’ll always be here for you. You can count on me.," "Magic is organizing chaos. And this is enchanting.," "Sometimes I think it’s impossible to solve all the world's problems. But I try, and I will keep trying.," "I'm a sorceress, not a village herbalist. All I can do is hope my potions help." and "Geralt, there's something magical about this place. Don't you feel it too?" These quotes reflect Triss's caring nature, her dedication to her magical craft, and her deep sense of empathy and responsibility, making them perfect for enhancing your portrayal of her character.

About Triss Merigold

Triss Merigold got a name for herself being an incredibly skilled Temerian sorceress in the 13th century. Believed to be killed during the Battle of Sodden Hill, she was called Fourteenth of the Hill and Merigold the Fearless. She’s one of the founding members of the Lodge of Sorceresses and part of the royal council of King Foltest. Triss became like an older sister to Ciri and took care of her as she grew up. Her involvement in politics has given her close insight into how power can shape a person and a country. 

Triss Merigold is a knowledgeable and powerful mage but uses her skills to focus on healing others. She usually carries a lot of magic potions around with her in case someone needs it, but she can’t take them herself (she’s allergic). Her powers are stronger than most realize, which is why it’s good to have her on your side!

Triss Merigold

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