How to Dress Like Tracy Walker

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Sailor School Uniform
Blue Scarf
Yellow Afro
Yellow Body Paint
Name Tag
White and Blue Wristbands
Knee High Socks
White Shoes

Best Tracy Walker Costume Guide

Tracy Walker is one of few human characters in the 2018 Wes Anderson animated film Isle of Dogs. An American exchange student in Japan, she investigates a suspected conspiracy after a series of events involving the mayor of Megasaki city, Kenji Kobayashi, that lead to the untimely death of Professor Watanabe. Through her hard work and persistence to find out what happened, Tracy was able to secure evidence that linked Mayor Kobayashi to the murder of Professor Watanabe. In the end, she helped cure the virus that exiled the entire Japanese canine population to a land called Trash Island. Get the young go-getter’s look with this Tracy Walker costume guide.

Save the day by cosplaying Tracy’s look by dressing up in a yellow afro, a sailor school uniform, a blue scarf, white and blue wristbands, name tag, knee high socks, white shoes, and yellow body paint.

Tracy Walker Cosplay Costumes

Persistent and unafraid, Tracy fought through the challenges that stood in the way of getting the evidence she needed. Even though she is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, her style reflects the influence of her current country of residence, Japan. Wes Anderson lends her character his iconic aesthetic. He dresses his characters in outfits that seem a little out of place in the real world, but go perfectly well with his dream-like settings. Get Tracy’s look with a blue scarf wrapped around the shoulders of your sailor school uniform. Get some knee-high socks and pair them with some white sneakers. Accessorize with a name tag and a white and blue wristband on each hand. Don’t step out without the yellow afro!

Invite other friends to the Isle of Dogs! Save the canine population with crush Atari Kobayashi, investigate Mayor Kenji Kobayashi, and help finish the work of Professor Watanabe. Bring along a few dogs with you to complete the group look! 

About Tracy Walker

A dog-lover herself, Tracy Walker never second-guesses her involvement in proving the death of Professor Watanabe was not an accident. She is motivated to the cause because of her crush for the main character, Atari Kobayashi, who is insistent to get his exiled dog, Spot, back. She’s a dog owner herself. Her dog’s name is Nutmeg. Unafraid, Tracy takes on more than what a normal high school senior should.

She doesn’t let the fact that she’s in a different country stop her from getting to her end goal. This pays off as she secures the evidence for Professor Watanabe’s murder. This also happens to be the cure for the virus that plagued the canine population. Audiences were happy to know that she and Atari end up becoming a couple. Tracy Walker is voiced by American actress, writer, and director Greta Gerwig.

Tracy Walker

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