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Best Tracer Costume Guide

Tracer is the youngest pilot ever inducted into the Overwatch video game by Blizzard Entertainment. Tracer carries two huge pistols and travels through time with the literal blink of an eye in her heavy duty outfit. Tracer is one of the most recognizable Overwatch characters due to Blizzard’s use of her in Overwatch promotional materials. She is an energetic character that is prepared for anything to happen at any time (even in history). Discover how to dress up like Tracer with complete costume guide.

Cosplay Tracer’s style with a Tracer Costume, a Figure Tracer from Overwatch, the Tracer Weapon Pistol, a Short Straight Wig, and Tracer’s Boots. You can’t miss this girl in her characteristic clothing unless she is traveling through time too quickly for you to catch a glimpse of her!

Tracer Cosplay Costumes

Sometimes you want to go above and beyond with your cosplay outfit, and this Tracer costume lets you do that without being that difficult to put together! Though this Tracer outfit may look heavy duty, it’s an easy costume to throw together for a last minute cosplay.

Start recreating her look from the popular Overwatch video game with a Tracer costume that includes the helmet and gloves. Once you get the helmet, gloves, and jumpsuit on, slip on a pair of Tracer boots to complete the main pieces of the costume. Next, you will need two Tracer pistols because the look would be incomplete without her weapons. To complete the entire look, throw on a short brunette wig unless you have a similar hairstyle. Now you’re ready to time travel in time and have a blast with this cosplay! Take along other friends dressed as popular video game characters or other characters from Overwatch specifically. Submit a picture of your outfit to inspire others.

Tracer Costume Tips & FAQs

Gear up to dive into the dynamic and fast-paced world of “Overwatch” with our costume guide FAQ for Tracer, one of the game’s most iconic characters. Known for her vivacity, speed, and unique style, Tracer’s costume is a blend of futuristic and athletic elements, making it a standout choice for cosplay enthusiasts. This guide is crafted to help you capture the essence of Tracer’s signature look, from her sleek jumpsuit to her distinctive accessories, ensuring your transformation into this beloved time-jumping hero is as authentic as possible.

Tracer's outfit is a sleek and form-fitting orange flight suit with white and brown accents, featuring her chronal accelerator, a key component of her character, on her chest. The suit has a high collar, long sleeves, and includes knee-high boots and elbow pads. The ensemble is both athletic and futuristic, embodying her role as a fast-paced, time-jumping adventurer.

Tracer sports a short, spiky hairstyle that is brown in color with blonde highlights at the front. A short, layered wig can be styled to achieve this look. Her iconic goggles are large, round, and orange-tinted, essential for capturing her distinctive appearance. These can be sourced from cosplay stores or created with DIY crafting skills.

Tracer wears unique, futuristic-looking boots that are part of her flight suit. They are white and brown, extending up to her knees, and have a sleek, aerodynamic design. Finding similar boots or modifying existing boots with paint and crafting materials can help achieve the look.

The most crucial accessory for Tracer is her chronal accelerator, a device worn on her chest that's central to her character's ability to manipulate time. Additionally, her dual pulse pistols are iconic and can be recreated using lightweight materials or foam for a realistic yet safe cosplay prop.

Including Tracer's upbeat and cheeky quotes can bring authenticity to your portrayal. Some memorable lines include: "Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!," "Ever get that feeling of déjà vu?," "The world could always use more heroes.," "Keep calm and Tracer on!" and "Time's up!." These quotes capture Tracer's optimistic and energetic spirit, adding an extra layer of authenticity to your costume and character portrayal.

About Tracer

Tracer, whose real name is Lena Oxton, was picked to become the first ever person to be a part of the experimental flight program for Overwatch. Lena’s skills in flight were far beyond others, and this is why she was picked to be the initial Overwatch pilot. During the experiment, the aircraft had a malfunction which presumably made everyone believe that Lena was killed in flight.

To everyone’s surprise, Lena made it back to the present but she was completely different. The accident transformed Lena because she could no longer stay in one place for more than a few moments. After solving the issue with a scientist who created the aircraft, Lena could begin to control how and when she traveled in time. Tracer uses her new trait as a way to protect people in their time of need even if it puts her own life in danger.


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