How to Dress Like Tonto

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Native American Wig
Fringe Trim Brown
American Chest Piece
Ringneck Pheasant Feathers
Native Warrior Beaded Indian Bracelet
Slim Taper 5-Pocket Pant
Black Face Paint
White Face Paint
Black Feathered Medium Flying Halloween Crows
Suede Low Slipper

Best Tonto Costume Guide

Tonto, portrayed by Johnny Depp, appeared in the 2013 release of Walt Disney Pictures The Long Ranger. As the narrator, Tonto recalled standing by his friend, John Reid known as the Lone Ranger, as they brought justice to the Wild Wild West. The recent Disney adaptation was based on the original radio and television series by the same name. Johnny Depp’s depiction of Tonto is a popular cosplay choice because he is quirky and fun with a realistic look of the Potawatomi Native Americans. Dress up like the Lone Ranger’s trusty sidekick with this Tonto costume guide.

Cosplay Tonto’s look with a Native American Wig, Brown Fringe Trim, American Chest Piece, Ringneck of Pheasant Feathers, Native Warrior Beaded Indian Bracelet, Slim 5-Pocket Pants, Black and White Face Paint, Black Feathered Halloween Crows, and a pair of Suede Slippers.

Tonto Cosplay Costumes

Cosplaying Tonto, the Comanche outcast, from the 2013 Walt Disney Pictures adaptation of The Lone Ranger will require you to go above and beyond to match the unique look of Johnny Depp’s character. This one-of-a-kind character will require particular attention to detail. But, with all of the costume pieces list out for you that shouldn’t be a problem. Follow the step-by-step instructions to pull the complete look.

Tonto’s costume is made up of several layers. Get started with a pair of slim brown pants and an American chest piece along with a ringneck of pheasant feathers. Next, attach brown fringe to the chest piece to create an additional layer. Add this point, add suede slippers and a native warrior beaded bracelet. Next, put white face paint all over your face with vertical black stripes. Finally, put on the Native American wig with added crows secure to the top of your wig to match the unique look from the movie. Get a friend to dress as The Lone Ranger for an unforgettable group cosplay!

Tonto Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the role of Tonto, the iconic Native American companion to the Lone Ranger, with our costume guide FAQ inspired by “The Lone Ranger.” Embrace the unique and memorable style of this character as we explore your most pressing questions about creating a costume that captures Tonto’s distinctive look and spirit from the series.

Tonto's outfit is recognizable for its traditional Native American elements mixed with a unique style. Key components include a fringed buckskin shirt or jacket, buckskin pants, a bandana or headband, and moccasins. Tonto is also known for wearing a bird feather or a crow on his head and distinctive face paint, often featuring white and black stripes or patterns.

Tonto's face paint is an essential aspect of his character. To recreate it, use safe, non-toxic face paint. Typically, Tonto's face paint includes white as the base color with black stripes or patterns around the eyes and cheeks. Look for specific images from "The Lone Ranger" for reference to get the design as accurate as possible.

Key accessories for a Tonto costume include a bird feather or a faux crow to attach to the head or headband, beaded necklaces, and perhaps a traditional Native American-style breastplate. Additionally, Tonto often carries a tomahawk or knife, which can be replicated with safe, non-functional props.

Pay attention to the details of the buckskin clothing, such as the fringe, beading, and any embroidered patterns, which are characteristic of traditional Native American attire. The bandana or headband can be adorned with intricate beadwork or simple patterns.

ncluding quotes from Tonto can add depth to your portrayal. Some memorable lines include: "Kemosabe.," "Me Tonto, faithful scout.," "That right.," "Him Lone Ranger." and "Trail not cold yet." These quotes reflect Tonto's role as the Lone Ranger's loyal companion and his distinctive way of speaking, adding authenticity to your costume portrayal.

About Tonto

Most film heroes have a trusty sidekick, the Lone Ranger has Tonto by his side. In the Disney adaptation of The Lone Ranger, we learn when Tonto was a young Comanche boy, his entire village was murdered. Another boy came across Tonto’s path and took care of him until he was well enough to care for himself. Years later, Tonto came across a man who was left to die along with five Rangers that were brutally killed. Tonto soon realized the man that survived was the same young boy that saved him years prior.

Tonto stood by this man until he recovered to full health. To throw off the men who attempted to kill John Reid, the Lone Ranger, Tonto dug six holes to make them believe he died along with the others. Tonto and the Lone Ranger’s reconnection made them realize they were meant to be a part of each other’s lives. They quickly became partners in their conquests in bringing justice to the Old West Frontier.


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