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Tommy Chong is a Canadian-American artist, comedian, and popular cannabis rights activist mostly known for his marijuana-themed comedy albums called Cheech & Chong, Cheech being his well-known movie co-star Cheech Marin. He is also popular for playing the hippie character named Leo Chingkwake on That 70’s Show. While most of his career has mostly revolved on his musical comedy duo Cheech & Chong, his commercial partnership with comedy partner Cheech Marin actually ended in 1985. After this, he continued his career as a writer, director, actor, and musician. Get the look of one half of the Cheech & Chong duo with this Tommy Chong costume guide.

Look smoking in Tommy Chong’s iconic look by wearing a denim shirt, a distressed pair of pants, a red bandana, round-framed glasses, and work boots. Don’t forget to put on a fake beard and mustache and wear a black mullet.

Tommy Chong Cosplay Costumes

A true persona of the 70s, Tommy Chong’s look at the height of his career shows his free spirit and fun loving nature. He gained so much commercial success from aptly combining music and humor in a way only he and his musical comedy partner, Cheech Marin, could. To dress like Tommy Chong, one must imbibe his love for fun and artistry. Pair denim with denim by wearing some distressed jeans and a denim shirt. Tommy donned a black mullet, a long beard, and a mustache to match. If you don’t have this kind of hairstyle or facial hair naturally, we suggest you get some fake ones to put on for this look. Don’t leave the house without a pair of round frame glasses and work boots. Complete the look with a red bandana on your head.

The world better get ready for a Cheech & Chong comeback! Get your best bud in cosplay and make them go as Cheech Marin!

Tommy Chong Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the laid-back, hippie vibe of the legendary comedy duo with our costume guide FAQ for Tommy Chong, from Cheech & Chong. Known for his iconic stoner persona and effortlessly cool style, Chong’s outfit is a symbol of the 70s counterculture. This guide will help you capture his memorable and relaxed look, perfect for comedic performances, themed parties, or any event celebrating this comedic icon.

Tommy Chong's classic look is recognizable for its effortless, hippie style. Key elements include a loose, colorful bandana or headband, a denim or similarly casual shirt—often left open with a loose-fitting or tie-dye shirt underneath—and a pair of faded or bell-bottom jeans. His attire is a reflection of the laid-back, free-spirited counterculture of the 70s.

Tommy Chong is known for his long, straight hair and a full beard and mustache. To replicate his look, consider a wig if you don't have long hair, and grow out your facial hair, or use a fake beard and mustache set. His hair and beard are typically well-kept, but with a natural and relaxed style.

Chong's footwear is usually as relaxed as his clothing. A pair of classic sneakers or sandals would fit well with his hippie aesthetic. The key is to choose something that looks comfortable and worn-in, aligning with the overall casual and earthy vibe.

Accessories are crucial to capturing Chong's style. Consider adding a pair of round or aviator-style sunglasses, a peace symbol necklace, or other 70s-inspired jewelry. A prop comedic cigarette or similar item can also be a humorous nod to Chong's character in Cheech & Chong's comedy.

To bring your Tommy Chong portrayal to life, adopt a relaxed, mellow demeanor. Use phrases like "Far out, man," or "Right on," in a slow, drawn-out manner. Chong often has a laid-back posture and a gentle, easy-going approach to conversations. Embodying his tranquil and friendly spirit will make your costume more authentic and enjoyable, capturing the essence of this beloved comedic figure.

About Tommy Chong

One thing you probably didn’t know about Tommy Chong yet is that he actually voiced the character Yax on the 2016 Disney animated film Zootopia. He was also originally going to voice Shenzi, the hyena character in the 1994 Disney film The Lion King. However, the character was later on changed into a female and was instead voiced by Whoopi Goldberg. In 2005, a documentary directed, written, and produced by Josh Gilbert, called “a/k/a Tommy Chong” premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. This documentary follows Tommy’s personal and professional comedic career. It includes material related to his prosecution and imprisonment. This prosecution and imprisonment happened two years prior to the documentary being released and was due to legal issues with his part in financing and promoting drug-related paraphernalia. He was said to be cellmates with “The Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort and was even given credit for encouraging Belfort to write his memoir.

Today, he is also a well-known cannabis rights activist.

Tommy Chong

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