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Best Tom Trench Costume Guide

Tom Trench is the co-anchorman of 666 News on Youtube’s dark comedy web series, Hazbin Hotel. Tom spews the news alongside anchor Kelly Killjoy, an extremely cruel and narcissistic demon who loves to bully Tom, regardless if they are on-air or not. She even resorted to pouring scalding hot coffee on his lap! Despite Kelly’s abuse, Tom enjoys telling dirty puns and speaking his mind while broadcasting on Hell’s premier news station. Now you can get the look of the clever co-anchorman with this Tom Trench costume guide. 

Cosplay Tom’s hellish look with a Gray Suit and Pants over a White Button-Down Shirt and Red Tie. Next, add some Black Dress Shoes, Leather Gloves, and Blonde Wig. Finally, complete the Tom Trench look with a Gas Mask, which we can only assume played a role in his death. He is living in Hell, after all.

Tom Trench Cosplay Costumes

Tom Trench quickly became the pitied character from Hell after falling victim to Kelly’s hellish abuse. Men all over the world sympathized with the co-anchorman as he winced in pain from the pouring of scalding hot coffee onto his crotch. Of course, this abuse came shortly after a dirty pun about bombshell demon, Cherri Bomb, proving that even guys in Hell can’t resist a hot blonde with a smoking body. Cosplay Tom’s look from YouTube’s dark comedy web series, Hazbin Hotel, by wearing a sleek gray suit and pants with a white button-down shirt and red tie. Accessorize with some black dress shoes, leather gloves, and a blonde wig. Of course, no Tom Trench look would be complete without a gas mask!

Taking a journey to Hell may seem like a bad dream, but that bad dream will certainly become a nightmare if you go alone! Grab your friends and dress as Tom’s evil colleague, Kelly Killjoy or the hot demon, Cherri Bomb.

Tom Trench Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the whimsical and eccentric world of Tom Trench from “Hazbin Hotel” with our imaginative costume guide FAQ. Prepare to embody the quirky and unique character of Tom, the news anchor from the series, as we delve into the essentials for recreating his distinct look, answering your questions about crafting a costume that captures his humorous and offbeat personality.

Tom Trench's outfit in "Hazbin Hotel" is distinctive and reminiscent of a traditional news anchor, with a slightly macabre twist. His outfit typically includes a classic trench coat, a shirt and tie, and a pair of dress pants. However, Tom's most notable feature is his World War I-style gas mask, which is a central part of his character design. He also wears a hat that resembles a soldier's helmet from the same era.

To recreate Tom Trench's gas mask, you can look for a replica World War I gas mask or create a DIY version using materials like rubber, plastic, or foam. The mask should cover the entire face and have large, round eye pieces. For the helmet, search for a World War I-style soldier's helmet or a similar-shaped hat that you can modify to look like a helmet, preferably in a dark color.

Tom Trench's footwear isn't a prominent part of his character design, but a pair of classic dress shoes or boots would complement his news anchor attire. Choose a style that matches the era of his gas mask and helmet for a cohesive look.

Besides the gas mask and helmet, Tom Trench doesn't have many distinctive accessories. However, you could add a microphone or a piece of paper resembling a news script to enhance the news anchor aspect of his character.

Tom Trench, being a news anchor in the series, has a professional yet quirky demeanor. Including some of his dialogue or adopting a news reporter-like manner can add authenticity to your costume. Phrases like "Coming up next, we have an exclusive interview with the daughter of Hell's own head honcho" capture his role as a news anchor in the show. Emulating his formal yet slightly exaggerated news reporting style will bring an extra layer of character to your portrayal.

About Tom Trench

Since Hazbin Hotel takes place in the depths of burning Hell, fans all over the world want to know one thing: what the characters did in their earthly life to send them to Hell. Tom Trench wears a gas mask and was born in 1918, so it becomes clear that Tom died during the First World War. This also proves true with the last name ‘Trench.’ As seen from the dirty pun about Cherri Bomb, Tom Trench also enjoys a good-looking woman and perhaps has a past with prostitutes. So what is his dirty little secret?

Premiering in October of 2019, Hazbin Hotel follows the lives of demons and humans living in Hell. The story follows the Princess of Hell, Charlie, as she tries to do the impossible and rehabilitate the citizens of Hell. Due to overpopulation, her goal is that they will check out of Hazbin Hotel into Heaven.

Tom Trench

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