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Tom Haverford  Costume Guide
Burgundy Suit
White Shirt
Knope Pin
Black Belt
Polka Dot Tie
Black Dress Shoes

Best Tom Haverford Costume Guide

Thomas Montgomery ‘Tom’ Haverford is a fictional character played by Aziz Ansari on the hit NBC comedy Parks and Recreation. You would struggle to find a less motivated government employee than Tom, and even his superior Ron Swanson acknowledges that he does very little work, which makes him the perfect government employee. Not that he is entirely unambitious – Tom always dresses well and wants to further his career – just not in the traditional way of working hard.

Tom is married to Wendy, a Canadian woman, although it is a marriage of convenience so she can remain in the US. This is a good thing, as Tom will chase after anything in a skirt, so a real marriage definitely wouldn’t be for him. If you’re ready to be the worst government employee you can be dressed as Tom Haverford, you’ll need a Burgundy Suit, White Shirt, Polka Dot Tie, Black Dress Shoes, Black Belt and a Knope Pin.

Tom Haverford Cosplay Costumes

Tom Haverford is a suave, sophisticated guy who is out to impress. Mainly the opposite sex – the guy has 26 online dating profiles to ensure he is always receiving matches. In Parks and Recreation he has a lot of interaction with most other main characters, but most notably Ron Swanson and his wife, Wendy. He also continually tries to undermine his boss, Leslie Knope. As one of the favorite characters on the show, you’re sure to be a hit if you decide to dress as Tom Haverford at your next event.

This costume would work really well as part of a Parks and Recreation group, so point your friends in the direction of our costume ideas for Leslie Knope, Janet Snakehole, Burt Macklin and Ron Swanson! We’re also running a Halloween Costume Contest here at Costume Wall, so if you think you and your friends have what it takes, enter here!

About Tom Haverford

Tom Haverford, who was born Darwish Sabir Ishmael Gani is a fictional character on the hugely successful NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation. He is played by comedian Aziz Ansari. Tom is characterized as being quite materialistic and shallow, often spending too much time worrying about his appearance and trying to impress women. He is married, but really, his wife is just a college friend from Canada who needed his help to get US citizenship. Despite being a marriage of convenience, Tom is somewhat upset when wife Wendy becomes a citizen and they divorce.

Tom’s role in the Pawnee parks and recreation office is working directly for Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope. However, he is portrayed as one of the most disinterested and lazy workers there. Outside of the office, he seems to have an endless string of business ideas which he implements with varying levels of success, and many of the businesses he runs appear less than reputable.

Tom Haverford

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