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Toad Costume Kit (Vest and Hat)
15" Green Koopa Shell Pillow Plush
Spandex Harem Yoga/ Pilates Pants
Pile-Lined Romeo Slipper

Best Toad Costume Guide

Play the part of Toad, the loyal attendant to Princess Peach, from Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Originally appearing in the very first Super Mario Bros., Toad is the most well-known of the mushroom people from the Mushroom Kingdom. Get in the game as the lovable toadstool with a Toad Costume Kit (Vest and Hat), Spandex Harem Yoga/Pilates Pants, Pile-Lined Romeo Slippers, and a Green Koopa Shell Pillow Plush.

Toad Cosplay Costumes

Have you ever wanted to cosplay as a character that perhaps has a mushroom on their head? Well, today is your lucky day! We’ll show you with this guide what exactly you’ll need in order to get the look of Toad down and impress all of your Nintendo friends. Actually, this is a great costume to cosplay as if you’re going with a big group and you can dress up alongside Princess Peach or Mario! Whatever you end up coming up with, we’d love to see your creations so send over some of your favorite photos of your costumes! The things you’ll need for Toad’s costume are first a Toad Costume Kit which includes his signature hat and vest. You’ll then need white harem yoga pants, brown slippers that look similar to his shoes and finally a green Koopa shell pillow plush to replicate the one that always seems to follow him around.

Toad Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the beloved Mushroom Kingdom resident with our Toad costume guide FAQ, inspired by the character from the Super Mario Bros. video game series. Perfect for fans of the franchise, this guide will help you recreate Toad’s iconic look, capturing his vibrant and friendly spirit.

Toad's outfit is characterized by its bright and whimsical nature. The essential components include a large, white mushroom cap with red spots, which is Toad's most iconic feature. He wears a blue vest over a white shirt and white pants or a white jumpsuit. Toad's shoes are large, brown, and simple in design. To complete the look, consider adding a cheerful expression, as Toad is always seen smiling and full of energy.

Toad's mushroom cap is a defining element of his costume. You can find ready-made Toad caps at costume stores, or you can create one using a white beanie or cap as a base and attaching red felt circles. The cap should be large and round to mimic the appearance of a mushroom top.

Toad wears simple, brown, rounded shoes that resemble loafers or slip-ons. For accessories, Toad’s blue vest is key. It can be made from blue fabric or felt and should be sleeveless, fitting snugly over the white shirt or jumpsuit. You can also carry a prop like a gold star or a mushroom from the Mario games to enhance the theme.

To embody Toad's character, focus on his cheerful and helpful demeanor. He is always seen with a big smile, ready to assist Mario and friends. The costume should be comfortable and allow for easy movement, reflecting Toad's energetic and bubbly personality.

Including some of Toad's quotes can make your costume portrayal more engaging. Some iconic Toad quotes include: "Thank you, Mario! But our princess is in another castle!," "I'm the best!," "Here we go!," "Yeah! Let's go!" and "Woo-hoo! Just what I needed!." These quotes capture Toad's enthusiastic support, his iconic lines from the games, and his ever-present excitement and optimism.

About Toad

Toad happens to come from a kingdom where people look quite similar to him and those citizens usually go by the name of, Toads. Toad also happens to have a sister named Toadette, who first appears in Mario Kart: Double Dash.

Toad is Princess Peach’s closest servant and happens to also be a good friend of Mario as shown in the games. Toad doesn’t do much in the games as he plays a rather small role in the majority of them. His role is to usually help out the player when they get a bit lost or confused as to what to do next. Toad does show up though as his own character in games such as Super Mario Bros. 2 and in the many Mario Kart and Mario Party games. The role he usually plays in the Mario Party games is that of a referee or a host to welcome all the players to the game.


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