How to Dress Like Tintin

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Tintin Costume Guide
Crew-Neck Sweater
Gorila Extreme Gel
Flat Front Dress Pants
Men's Regular Fit Dress Shirt
Orange Hair Color Spray
Long Jacket Overcoat
Toy Pooch Plush
Cotton Socks
Men's Plain-Toe Oxford

Best Tintin Costume Guide

The Adventures of Tintin is the world traveling investigative reporter that has been sweeping comic books since 1929! The red-haired fellow has a knack for solving the biggest crimes around the world, but of course, he tends to get himself into some pretty sticky situations! One thing is for sure, he doesn’t go anywhere without his fluffy companion, Snowy! The Tintin series is one of the most popular European comics and has since been adapted to radio, television, and film. Get the look mystery solving teenager with this Tintin costume guide.

Layers are Tintin’s best friend! Throw on a Men’s Dress Shirt underneath a blue Crew-Neck Sweater. He likes to wear Dress Pants with the legs rolled up a bit to show off his Cotton Socks and Oxford Shoes. He will occasionally wear a tan colored Long Jacket Overcoat as well. The best and most important touches are the Orange Hair Spray and Gorilla Extreme Hair Gel to make your hair stand up into a faux hawk! Just like Tintin, don’t go anywhere without your Toy Pooch Plush, Snowy!

Tintin Cosplay Costumes

Get your thinking cap ready to solve ALL the mysteries! Or you could simply put on a costume that looks like Tintin and pretend to have all of the answers. That sounds easy enough! We recommend searching through your own closet for “clues,” we mean clothes, to save you a little cash! Grab a white dress shirt, blue sweater, dress pants, tall white socks, and a pair of oxford dress shoes. You can probably grab his long overcoat at alocal thrift shop. A costume shop is sure to have some orange hairspray! Gel your hair into the best fauxhawk you can! Grab a white toy dog and great snakes, you’ve done it!

Grab your friends to dress as Dupond, Captain Haddock, or Professor Calculus to make it a group costume! Send us a picture so we don’t have to solve the mystery of what your group looks like. Send in your photos to our costume gallery to be featured as a Tintin featured costume!

About Tintin

We haven’t been able to find any faults of Tintin who stars in The Adventures of Tintin, and that’s probably because he doesn’t have any! This young crime-solver is super intelligent, can drive nearly any vehicle, and is psychically fit. He doesn’t seem to have any limits! Whenever on a mission to solve a crime, he can fight the biggest and baddest guy around. And you can bet he wins every time!

The writer of Tintin’s life, Herge (Georges Remi), eludes to the idea that Tintin is of a Belgian background and that he fights most of his crime on the streets of Brussels. He is so popular, that Tintin was featured in a 2011 film, directed by Steven Spielberg. No matter how Tintin is tested, whether it brains or brawn, there’s no stopping this guy from finding every possible solution to a mystery. Eureka! No one can do it quite like the one and only Tintin.


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